CMRNCritical Mass Radio Network
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It is essential to identify the risks and interrelations among them so as to establish CMRN. Through statistics, a total of 105 risks and 194 interrelations are obtained from 135 accident chains.
This study uses several typical indexes to explore the properties of CMRN, including network diameter, network density, average path length, degree, betweenness, and clustering coefficient.
The network diameter in CMRN is 7, which is from poor maintenance (vertex 64) to water leaking (vertex 99).
Consisting of 105 vertexes, the maximum number of edges in CMRN should be 105 * 104 = 10920.
All components tested for repellence (except the controls) knocked down mosquitoes within the 2 min exposure time, and CMRN 1, CMRN 2, CMRN 5, CMRN 6, 6,7-methoxy coumarin, and scopoletin were the most potent, knocking approximately 100% of them (P < 0.001) (Table 2).
However, knockdown of mosquitoes resulting from short exposure to 3-mono/dibromoacetyl-6-halogenated coumarin analogues CMRN 1-CMRN 7 was fast (2 min or less) and reversible, and no adulticidal effects were detected from 60 min exposure.
The present study evaluates 3-mono/dibromoacetyl-6-halogenated coumarin analogues CMRN 1-CMRN 7, scopoletin, and 6,7-methoxy coumarin for larvicidal and repellent effects against the malaria vector A.
2) The exact closed-form expression of outage probability for the PNC based CMRN is also derived.
5, outage probability of the PNC based CMRN is analyzed.
In this paper, we propose an OE-PA scheme to minimize total energy consumption per bit with the sum rate constraint and IPT constraints for the PNC based CMRN. The closed-form solution for optimal transmit power among the SU nodes, as well as the outage probability of the CMRN are derived and confirmed by numerical results.
The CMRN formed a transitional parliament, the "Transitional Council for National Recovery" (CTRN), which created a new constitution (La Loi Fundamental) and Supreme Court in 1990.
In 1991, Conte dissolved the CMRN, replacing it with a