CMRPCCentral Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (Worcester, Massachusetts)
CMRPCCanton McKinley Rifle and Pistol Club (est. 1926; Ohio)
CMRPCConditional Maximum Residual Packet Capacity
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Nicholas Burnham, assistant transportation planner for the CMRPC, said the commission is kicking off the "Mobility 2040'' long-range transportation plan for the Central Massachusetts region.
Smith, principal planner with CMRPC, adding that there is potential for the land to be connected to the Blackstone River Bikeway or for a portion to be used for river walks.
The CMRPC will not make a recommendation as to what East Brookfield or the district should do.
Joan and Randy Walker, owners of the Walker Farm at Whortleberry Hill in New Braintree, have attended planning meetings, filled out the questionnaire, and are among those who would benefit from CMRPC findings.
Fayard said of the CMRPC. He said they will come up with all of the important data and those facts will be reviewed by selectmen and later turned over to residents here for a vote if there is an exit plan.
Fayard said it is not cast in stone that CMRPC will do the feasibility study, because the commission deals with many surrounding towns and school districts, so it may put the commission in an awkward position to possibly recommend a school district divorce.
The CMRPC may be asked to do the study or serve in a consulting capacity if another organization undertakes the feasibility study.
The LDTA grant program is the same one that recently funded regional groupings of communities in Worcester County that the CMRPC surveyed to determine similar needs that may better utilize state grant funds for future development in several towns at once.
If legal counsel gives the thumbs-up to proceeding with this withdrawal, the next move is to seek a feasibility study by the CMRPC.
Pierce, regional services and business manager for the CMRPC, said the focus right now is preparing to submit a grant application to the state Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program to aid Brookfield, North Brookfield, West Brookfield, East Brookfield, Barre, Hardwick, New Braintree, Oakham, Spencer and Rutland in training ambulance personnel.
Residents were concerned that this type of information could come back to haunt a town, although CMRPC representatives insisted that state agencies wanted the data to ensure that future state grants had an impact on a region, rather than individuals towns.
A common concern throughout the 11-town region, one of several in Worcester Country that the CMRPC is collecting such data from, is maintaining the quality of the many ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and brooks that dot the western portion of the county.