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CMRRCommon Mode Rejection Ratio
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Recording Research (University of California, San Diego)
CMRRChemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
CMRRCenter for Magnetic Resonance Research (various universities)
CMRRCommitted Monthly Recurring Revenue (prediction metric)
CMRRCentre Mémoire de Ressource et de Recherche (French: Memory Resource and Research Center; est. 2005)
CMRRCoal Mine Roof Rating (mining classification)
CMRRCertified Mail, Return Receipt (USPS)
CMRRCatskill Mountain Railroad
CMRRCascaded Microring Resonator
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The signal generator also has >110dB CMRR at 50 MHz, with a working isolation between the output and ground of 800VRMS.
In order to implement a high CMRR, the IA can be extended with the employment of the chopper stabilization technique [13], which is illustrated in the block diagram from Fig.
Li, "Design a bioamplifier with high CMRR," VLSI Design, vol.
If the resistors are not accurately matched, high CMRR cannot be achieved.
And finally, Teledyne LeCroy's DA1855A differential amplifier has 100-dB CMRR with lOx gain and precision offset adjust.
The performances of operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) for which we have optimized the gain, PM (Phase Margin), GM (Gain Margin), the CMRR (Rate of Common Mode Rejection), PSRR (Power Supply Rejection Ratio), ICMR (Input Common Mode Range), BW (bandwidth), and the power dissipation (Pd) are all showed in Table 1.
For this objective, an apt differential amplifier (AD620AN) is selected owing to its aspects of elevated input impedance, common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), signal to noise ratio, frequency band and genuine gain used.
* The ISL7061 7SEH enables higher CMRR and PSRR than the competition, at all gain settings.
(Secure Erase;
The amplifier enables higher common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) and power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) at all gain settings.