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CMRSCenter for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (UCLA)
CMRSCommercial Mobile Radio Service
CMRSClinical Magnetic Resonance Society
CMRSCertified Microbial Remediation Supervisor
CMRSCommissioner of Metro Rail Safety (India)
CMRSCertified Medical Reimbursement Specialist
CMRSChild Mania Rating Scale (psychology)
CMRSCrew Medical Restraint System
CMRSCalibration/Measurements Requirements Summary
CMRSClarinet Merlin Receive System (US Navy)
CMRSCrisis Monitoring Radio System
CMRSConventional Munitions Restricted or Suspended (US Air Force munitions system)
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Without CMRS completing this procedure after satisfying himself about the safety of the Metro line, the Hyderabad Metro service will start functioning.
In 2012, CMRS initiated a second study of seafood consumption, with an updated and revised survey, as part of the spring program's field exercise.
CMRS highlighted the case of an Iraqi woman who was arrested at Cairo's airport, attempt to board a flight to Sweden with a forged passport.
to aggregate sufficient amounts of CMRS spectrum, then it would be
Despite the potential for the creative application of various technologies to support CMRS, the most commonly used technology is a hotline phone number (Mohr and Slovin, 2005; Schneider, 2003).
Sam Cinnamomd, production designer at Darcast Crankshafts added: "We approached CMRS to carry out a data logging exercise in order to evaluate how we could save money and how we used compressed air at the site as our energy costs were escalating considerably.
In light of the past and current experiences of CMRS providers at the state level, this Note argues that the FCC should assert its jurisdiction over LEC-CMRS interconnection and regulate LEC-CMRS interconnection agreements.
However, a real negotiation has to be performed and the reaching of an agreement between the local bureaus which are functional departments in the local government and the enterprise becomes, within the CMRS, a structural necessity.
The exact date of opening of the corridor will be intimated after the compliance of all the requirements specified by the CMRS.
Inspection by CMRS will begin only if RDSO gives a positive feedback about the Metro network in its reports.
CMRS collects ferrous and non-ferrous scrap at eight locations in Australia.