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In order to evaluate these ten economies' export performance to the EU15, this study makes use of the constant market share analysis (CMSA).
This "benchmark" estimation suggests that subsidies could explain, at most, something less than 19% of the variation in the number of teams across CMSAs.
Data were collected in pairs or triplets of cities in 50 CMSAs that shared a state border.
As noted in the text, metro areas are defined as metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs), or consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs) if an MSA or NECMA belongs to a CMSA.
(32) for African-American and Hispanic applicants for total HMDA-reportable loans were comparable with or more favorable than those ratios for the aggregate of lenders ("aggregate lenders") in the San Francisco MSA, and comparable or less favorable than those ratios for the aggregate lenders in the Los Angeles CMSA. (33) From 2002 to 2003, Bank of the West's percentages of total HMDA-reportable loans to African Americans and Hispanics increased in most of the areas reviewed, including in the San Francisco MSA and the Los Angeles CMSA.
The Vancouver CMSA results, shown in Row (2), clearly reflect several city-specific effects.
Consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs) are defined by the Bureau of the Census.
The population comprises all areas in the United States defined by the Census Bureau as consolidated metropolitan statistical areas (CMSAs), metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), and New England county metropolitan areas (NECMAs) from 1980 to 1997--the period during which data were collected.
I merge MSAs into CMSAs where applicable, since doing so will more accurately reflect the extent of the local labor market.
Both the New York and Los Angeles CMSAs suffered net domestic losses of about 1.5 million people between 1990 and 1997.
This is the period in which the CPS designated households' residence in one of 202 Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Areas (CMSAs) or MSAs with populations over 100,000 in July 1983.