CMSECisco Multiprotocol Storage Essentials
CMSEClinique et Maternité Sainte-Elisabeth (French: Saint Elizabeth Maternity Clinic; Belgium)
CMSEChris Mee Safety Engineering (Ireland)
CMSECenter for Materials Science and Engineering (MIT)
CMSECenter for Mathematics and Science Education (UNC Chapel Hill)
CMSECentre de Microbiologie du Sol et de l'Environnement (French: Center for Soil Microbiology and the Environment)
CMSEComposable Mission Space Environments (Defense Modeling and Simulation Office; US DoD)
CMSECircular Mean Square Error
CMSECivil Military Support Element
CMSEExtended Duration Space Environment Candidate Materials Exposure
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"The power system is balanced in structural terms thanks to the country's installed generation and transmission capacity, which continues to be expanded as new power plants, power lines, and substations become operational," the CMSE report read.
The inherent placement and access a CMSE team obtains just by being in a position to mentor and coach government and civil leadership makes it a huge component capable of assisting in intelligence collection.
In CMSE, a CH informs its senor nodes of the direction information of mobile sink, if it sensed moving object.
The workshop was organised at Frontier Scouts Cadet College Warsak from September 22-23 by Frontier Corps in collaboration of: Agricultural University Peshawar, Directorate General of Livestock, Dairy Development Peshawar, Brooke Hospital for Animals Peshawar, Animal Husbandry In service Training Institute (IHITI) Peshawar , Khalid Khan, Agribusiness Support Fund and Civil Military Support Elements (CMSE), USA .
Scientists at CSIRO Materials and Science Engineering's (CMSE) laboratory at Belmont, Victoria, believe that feather keratin can be 'regenerated' into an environmentally sustainable, biodegradable fibre.
It has also incorporated "more advanced counterterroism capabilities such as improving communications systems and developing mechanisms for regional intelligence sharing." (178) In addition, since the PSI, "the TSCTP has fielded Military Information Support Teams (MIST) and Civil Military Support Elements (CMSE)" as part of the public diplomacy effort to "generate support for the United States and for moderate Islamic viewpoints while reducing sympathy and support for Terrorism ...." (179)
Studies on materials that mimic the action of a sponge are likewise being conducted by a research team led by Michael Rubner, director of the Center for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge.
7th International Commercialization of Military and Space Electronics Conference and Exhibition (CMSE)
Commenting on the offer, CMSE managing director Tony Leggett said: 'The planned acquisition of Precoat will allow Corus to enhance its service to customers in the key market sectors of general engineering, construction, automotive and consumer goods.
Four equating methods were compared using four equating criteria: first-order equity (FOE), second-order equity (SOE), conditional mean squared error (CMSE) difference, and the equipercentile equating property.