CMSECenter for Materials Science and Engineering (MIT)
CMSECenter for Mathematics and Science Education (UNC Chapel Hill)
CMSEComposable Mission Space Environments (Defense Modeling and Simulation Office; US DoD)
CMSECircular Mean Square Error
CMSECivil Military Support Element
CMSEExtended Duration Space Environment Candidate Materials Exposure
CMSECentre de Microbiologie du Sol et de l'Environnement (French: Center for Soil Microbiology and the Environment)
CMSEClinique et Maternité Sainte-Elisabeth (French: Saint Elizabeth Maternity Clinic; Belgium)
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Last August, the CMSE decided to shut down more expensive thermal power plants following a rainfall increase that raised dam reservoir levels.
The CMSE was established in 2004 to supervise the continuation and security of energy supply in the country.
The inherent placement and access a CMSE team obtains just by being in a position to mentor and coach government and civil leadership makes it a huge component capable of assisting in intelligence collection.
Corus intends to create a new trading business called Corus Colorsteels which will be part of CMSE.
The support for C++ compliance builds on LDRA's extremely powerful support for the C language where support is available for the MISRA C:1998 and MISRA C:2004, HIS (Herstellerinitiative Software), GJB (Chinese Military Standard), CAST (China Academy of Space Technology) and CMSE (China Manned Space Engineering project) standards for the C programming language.
Additionally, LTU will contribute its image-based technology to the CMSE project led by Exalead, a global Internet search engine provider, in order to create a state-of-the-art multimedia search engine.
This presentation will be offered at the CMSE Component Selection & Application Session on February 13, 2008.
Tenders are invited for Providing 1 No 10T DG EOT crane with 5T capacity Auxiliary hoist for Tool Storage facility at New Land CMSE.
Tenders are invited for Providing 2 nos 10T DG EOT crane for advanced filament winding facility at new land CMSE Vattiyoorkavu.
Tenders are invited for Minor works for extension to extended P/09 building at CMSE and Providing Vertical blinds inside the new ISTL building, Vattiyoorkavu Civil works