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CMSGTChief Master Sergeant
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We cannot know for sure what the rest of CMSgt Etchberger's life might have been; the children--Steve, Richard, and Cory--that he would have watched grow, marry, and have children of their own--Traci, Steven, Madison, and Molly.
Great enlisted leaders like CMSgt Paul Airey and heroes such as A1C John Levitow and A1C William Pitsenbarger have shaped a heritage of courage and leadership
Julie reported to her gang some information on the efforts of CMSgt Jeffery Gryczewski and CMSgt Kathy Mast, as they discussed the Airman's Relief Fund (ARF).
Eleventh District Trustee Jan DeBell, CD A, MS, Twelfth District Trustee Jennifer Nabhani, RDA, and Federal District Trustee Carolyn Regan, CMSgt USAF (ret), serve on the ADAA Board of Trustees.
Great enlisted leaders like CMSgt Paul Airey and great heroes such as A1C John Levitow and A1C William Pitsenbarger have shaped a rich heritage of outstanding leadership, skills, courage, knowledge, and attitude.
I read another article by CMSgt Bob Flores (ETG Program chairman at BMC).
CMSgt was given a job as a dental assistant after she joined the Air Force and attended the Air Force Dental Assistant Apprentice Course at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas in 1984.
Eight Basic Habits of Exceptionally Powerful Lieutenants by CMSgt Bob VLquez, USAF, retired.
SSgt Christina Davis, TSgt Mark Gearhart, SrA Vincent Holtmann, SrA Aaron Kirsch, SSgt Stefanie Malenky, SSgt Tom McDonald, MSgt Mike Moore, SrA Jeff Nickles, TSgt Greg Quan, SrA Joe Rohan, MSgt Mary Shaffer, MSgt George sturgis and CMSgt Cornell Worthy (all attending Park University); TSgt James Thompson (Palo Alto College); SrA Pam Talley (St Phillips College); SSgt Jim Hayes and Art Tovar (both attending Way-land Baptist University).
CMSgt Wilson is the Career Field Manager for Dental Services, Air Force Medical Operations Agency, Lackland-Kelly Air Force Base (AFB), San Antonio, Texas.
The speaker at the December meeting of the Pike's Peak Chapter in Colorado Springs was Col Tom Muckenthaler, Chief, Space Control and information Operations, US Space Command Another highlight of the luncheon was chapter president Rich Affeld, presenting a check for $50Q to CMSgt Lanning of the Peterson AFB Caring Through Sharing organization.
Air Force Federal Services District: CMSgt Carolyn A.