CMSISCortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
CMSISCentral Market Surveillance Information System (Hungary)
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The purpose of the CMSIS initiative is precisely the same as Luminary Micro's purpose when creating the Stellaris family of ARM Cortex-M3-based microcontrollers: to standardize a fragmented industry on one superior hardware and software microcontroller architecture.
The new CMSIS is a valuable software addition for users who have already chosen the open ARM architecture to enable common software reuse across multiple end-product platforms, bringing further improvements in time-to-market.
The creation of the CMSIS enables silicon vendors to focus their resources on the differentiating peripheral features of their product, and eliminates the need to maintain their own individual and incompatible standards for programming a microcontroller.
The CMSIS has been developed in close partnership with several key silicon and software vendors including Atmel(R), IAR, KEIL, Luminary Micro, Micrium, NXP, SEGGER and STMicroelectronics.
The CMSIS memory requirement for the Core Peripheral Access Layer is less the 1KB code, less then 10 bytes RAM).
CMSIS DSP library includes source code, example applications and helps developers save time by including common DSP algorithms like complex arithmetic, vector operations, filter and control functions, etc.
Developers can immediately download the free CMSIS hardware abstraction layer for Stellaris Cortex-M microcontrollers at www.
Version 2 of the CMSIS standard with its associated DSP library will greatly ease the process of creating application software across a range of Cortex-M processors, and we will fully support this standard in our RedSuite tools.
This new version of CMSIS provides users with a good way to take advantage of the powerful signal processing capabilities of the latest ARM Cortex-M cores," said Mark Mitchell, Chief Sourcerer, CodeSourcery (now part of Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division).
The CMSIS standard is a key part of the software ecosystem enabling quick adoption of these high performance devices"
The middleware support will be based on CMSIS, enabling fast and risk free software development and reuse.
IAR Systems' support for the CMSIS initiative is important for its success and I am excited to see that CMSIS layer is included in the new release.