CMSMConference of Major Superiors of Men (since 1956)
CMSMConsolidated Municipal Service Manager (Canada)
CMSMCertified Main Street Manager
CMSMCenter for Microelectronic Sensors and MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems; University of Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH)
CMSMCarbon Molecular Sieve Membranes
CMSMConstrained Mutual Subspace Method (algorithm)
CMSMChamber Music Society of Minnesota (St. Paul, MN)
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James Greenfield, CMSM president and an Oblate of St.
Na tabela 1, encontra-se a caracterizacao da amostra, em que estao apresentados os valores medios com seus respectivos desvios padrao da variavel idade, massa corporal, estatura e Indice de Massa Corporal dos alunos do 8 Ano do Ensino Fundamental do CMSM, estratificados por sexo.
ano do CMSM encontravamse dentro da faixa de peso considerada ideal, porem insatisfeitos com sua imagem corporal, com prevalencia para o desejo de diminuir sua silhueta.
The center itself is only three years old but is the result of a merger of two older organizations--the National Association of Treasurers of Religious Institutes, which was formed in 1981 by LCWR to assist institutes on financial matters, and the Legal Resource Center for Religious, jointly formed by LCWR and CMSM around the same time to assist institutes in legal matters, civil and canonical.
The Brawley City Council's thoughtful leadership, combined with the active involvement of City Staff and enterprising spirit of community members, will certainly bring about the positive enhancements sought in the Downtown," commented Susan Harden, AICP, CMSM, LEEP AP, CNU-A and Vice President of RBF's Urban Design Studio.
Provision of wiring CMSMs radio for railway rolling stock MI79R (Renovated) and TETRA radio wiring and CMSM on railway rolling stock MI84 line B.
It was clear from the survey that those who do pastoral counseling in CMSM member parishes, student counseling in schools and social services in urban areas are in constant contact with the fallout of urban violence.
Working hand-in-hand with the SBCCOG staff and Livable Communities Working Group was a very rewarding experience," commented Susan Harden, AICP, CMSM, LEEP AP, CNU-A and Vice President of RBF's Urban Design Studio.
CMSM noted that the past 30 years have seen great development in anthropology and ecclesiology.