CMSNComputational Materials Science Network
CMSNCanadian Moving and Storage Network
CMSNCoppell Middle School North (Coppell, TX)
CMSNSeaman, Construction Mechanic Striker (Naval Rating)
CMSNCongenital Motor and Sensory Neuropathy
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The combined dataset contained 31,343 children in CMSN and 114,309 in FHK (total = 145,652).
The multivariate analyses used in the current study adjust for child's age (1-21), gender, race and ethnicity, geographic location (eight regions), health plan (nine plans; CMSN plus eight FHK plans), and clinical risk groups (CRG) (Neff et al.
In the models, the reference groups for race and ethnicity, health plan, and CRG status were white, CMSN, and Nonacute nonchronic.
Examples included the CMSN, the Kaiping Coal Mines, the Hanyeping Coal and Iron Company, and the Shanghai Cotton Cloth Mill [Ding, 1935; Ge, 1986; Guo, 1988; Lai, 1994; Gardella, 1995; Auyeung, 2000].
To overcome the problems arising from the limitations of its accounting system, the CMSN paid a fixed annual dividend of ten per cent to its ordinary shareholders irrespective of performance and was exempted from issuing formal financial reports [Lai, 1994].
Tang Jingxing and Xu Run, Directors of the CMSN, misappropriated company funds and were forced to resign.