CMSNComputational Materials Science Network
CMSNCanadian Moving and Storage Network
CMSNCoppell Middle School North (Coppell, TX)
CMSNSeaman, Construction Mechanic Striker (Naval Rating)
CMSNCongenital Motor and Sensory Neuropathy
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In the models, the reference groups for race and ethnicity, health plan, and CRG status were white, CMSN, and Nonacute nonchronic.
For example, children with parent-reported race and ethnicity had lower performance on the ADD measure, were older, less likely to be in CMSN, more likely to be located in a northern region, and more likely to be characterized in a more severe CRG.
In this paper, the CMSN is established to describe the coupling relationships in machining process.
In Figure 1, we can see that the logical flow contains three parts, which are extraction rules of network elements, topological model of CMSN, and performance evaluation of CMSN, respectively.
In order to build CMSN, the physical significance of network nodes should be explained firstly.
Topological Model of CMSN. In this subsection, the topological model of CMSN is generated.
Finally, the CMSN is established and denoted by [G.sub.CMSN] = (N, E, W).
Performance Evaluation of CMSN. In order to evaluate the performance of CMSN, some statistical indices of complex network are introduced, such as degree and clustering coefficient.
It is defined by synthesizing the above-mentioned three indices for judging the self-organization stability of CMSN. The stable coefficient of sensor node i is written as [s.sub.i]:
Examples included the CMSN, the Kaiping Coal Mines, the Hanyeping Coal and Iron Company, and the Shanghai Cotton Cloth Mill [Ding, 1935; Ge, 1986; Guo, 1988; Lai, 1994; Gardella, 1995; Auyeung, 2000].
Similar difficulties were experienced by the CMSN. To overcome the problems arising from the limitations of its accounting system, the CMSN paid a fixed annual dividend of ten per cent to its ordinary shareholders irrespective of performance and was exempted from issuing formal financial reports [Lai, 1994].
Tang Jingxing and Xu Run, Directors of the CMSN, misappropriated company funds and were forced to resign.