CMSPCalifornia Motorcyclist Safety Program
CMSPCompanhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo (Portuguese: Company in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo; São Paulo, Brazil)
CMSPCommercial Mobile Service Provider
CMSPCustom Medical Stock Photo (Chicago, Illinois)
CMSPContent Management Service Provider
CMSPCoastal and Marine Spatial Planning (US National Ocean Council)
CMSPCertified Mine Safety Professional
CMSPCertified Managed Services Professional (International Association of Managed Service Providers; Chico, CA)
CMSPCertified Medicare Set Aside Professional
CMSPCheyenne Mountain State Park (Colorado)
CMSPCertified Modeling & Simulation Professional
CMSPCentral Minnesota Sustainability Project
CMSPConfiguration Management Screening Panel
CMSPCommunications Mission Support Planner
CMSPConfiguration Management Support Plan
CMSPCommercial Intermediate Statistical Plan (for reporting fire commercial business to Insurance Services Office)
CMSPCustomer Metrics Strategy Program (Sprint)
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Dental hygienists often choose conventional therapies to help manage their CMSP. Conventional medicine is practiced by a medical doctor (MD) or doctor of osteopathy (DO) and allied health professionals, such as nurses or physical therapists.
Few children who had employer-sponsored insurance at enrollment dropped this coverage to enroll in CMSP (1 percent, 4 percent, and 2 percent by income).
CMSP will review and develop corresponding CTA's - Call to Action - materials.
We received a response rate of 25.3% (n=617), of which 76.5% (n=472) suffered from CMSP. Any CAM or CT use was reported among 80.7% (n=381) of RDHs with CMSP.
Clinical mass spectrometry proteomics (cMSP) for medical laboratory: what does the future hold?
El consumo diario de materia seca por vaca derivada del pastoreo (CMSP) fluctuo entre 6,8 y 11,7 kg para fincas con baja oferta de forraje (0,3 kg.[m.sup.2]) y fincas con alta oferta forrajera (1,3 kg.[m.sup.2]), respectivamente (Tabla 1).
Gimenez Savic Lucas Filipe Luis CMsp co th m Gabi Saul Koke Griezmann Gameiro But manager Conte believes it is a player's present, not his glorious past, that is most important to the club.
Estas caracteristicas podrian ocasionar una disminucion del consumo de kikuyo, ya que los altos contenidos de FDN estan asociados con la disminucion en el consumo (6) lo cual seria un problema ya que el CMSp es el factor que mas influye sobre la produccion en los rumiantes (29), por lo tanto, estimar este parametro es de suma importancia para garantizar niveles optimos de produccion.