CMSSCreative Multi-Speaker Surround
CMSSCreative Multi Speaker Surround
CMSSCouncil of Medical Specialty Societies
CMSSConstruction Management Support Services
CMSSCall Management Server Signaling
CMSSCleveland Music School Settlement (Ohio)
CMSSChicago Marine Safety Station (Illinois)
CMSSCapital Markets Surveillance Services (Sydney, Australia)
CMSSConfiguration Management Support System
CMSSCrisis Management Support System
CMSSCarnegie Mellon Solar Splash
CMSSCryptologic Management Support System
CMSSCable Management Signaling System (Sprint)
CMSSComprehensive Military Medical Surveillance
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In this article, CMSs with different graphitization degrees were prepared using the annealing treatment, and the resulting annealed CMSs (TCMSs)/PET composites were fabricated by the melt blending method.
The reaction product was collected, filtered off, washed several times with ethanol and water, and then dried to yield CMSs.
A certain amount of CMSs was first weighed in a quartz boat then placed in a tubular resistance furnace filled with nitrogen at a flow rate of 100 mL/min.
As with CMSs, realizing this potential lies with the user, not the technology itself.
The extent to which students were essentially able to manage themselves once registered as authors on filmtalk points to the essential differences between CMSs, which are rooted in instructor management, and blogs as online learning and writing environments.
CMSs are web-based software programs that provide an authoring interface and tools that allow instructors to create, facilitate and manage a course online without requiring knowledge of programming or web-development expertise.
As new browser versions are released, it takes time for CMSs to "catch up".
Yet until this dream site or report that includes every possible parameter for CMS selection exists, you can select the few most applicable to you and hopefully winnow out a small number of CMSs for careful research into the hundreds of features they offer.
While some of the coaching occurs in the didactic classroom environment, much of the coaching is provided through the use of the CMSS. For example, on-line support assists students in completing representational tasks such as a concept-map or critical appraisal matrix for their presentation.
To assist them in the complex management of their authentic patient-based project the CMSS provides students with organizational and management tools for project planning and implementation.
This year, I have made my most comprehensive CMS study in order to provide an overview for the CM Professionals organization and our work on a markup language (CMSML) to help describe and evaluate CMSs. I identified more than 20 online CMS directories around the world; all told, they have more than 3,400 links to CMSs.
Another way I am seriously undercounting CMSs is the vast number of organizations that build their own systems, on CMS frameworks like Apache Cocoon or Zope or even from scratch using ASP.NET, ColdFusion, Perl, or PHP.