CMSTCentre for Microsystems Technology (Belgium)
CMSTChemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)
CMSTCapacitated Minimum Spanning Tree (problem)
CMSTCharacterization, Monitoring, and Sensor Technology
CMSTContainer Management Support Tool
CMSTCirculation, Motion, Sensation, Temperature
CMSTCenter for Mathematics, Science, and Technology (a two-week summer enrichment program for high school and middle school students)
CMSTCapacitated Minimal Spanning Tree
CMSTCollection Management Support Tools
CMSTCenter for Microplasma Science and Technology (Saint Peter's College; US DoD)
CMSTCruise Missile Surveillance Technology
CMSTConstruction Management Skills Training
CMSTClose More Sales Training (Ontario, Canada)
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Las variables PV, GDP, CCA, CMSCA y CMST se analizaron bajo un diseno completamente al azar con arreglo factorial 2 x 2 (dos suplementos y dos grupos etarios) con medidas repetidas en el tiempo con procedimiento de modelos mixtos [8].
Segun el NRC (2001), la maxima capacidad de consumo de materia seca se da entre la semana 10 y la 14 de la lactancia, es decir, en el primer tercio, lo que coincide con los resultados de este trabajo donde el CMSs, el CMSp y el CMSt fueron mayores en el primer tercio de lactancia (Tabla 5), y decrecieron al final.
Stock-6, Stock-6-BC4, Stock-6 x (CMST x Ig-gene) and (Ig-gene x Stock-6 x CMST) x (Stock-6-BC4) had 1.01, 2.38, 8.18 and 7.53% average induction rates, respectively.
Beijing-based CMST Development will acquire a 51% stake in Henry Bath and will be the first Chinese player to enter the London Metal Exchange's vast storage network.
Arsenic (As) is a naturally occurring element in the Earth's cmst and is found throughout the environment.
O maior consumo de materia seca total (CMST) foi observado nas novilhas que receberam FAI com adicao de ionoforo, sem diferir das novilhas que receberam FAI, que, por sua vez, nao diferiram das novilhas que permaneceram exclusivamente em pastagem (Tabela 2).
"One signal has been detected on several receivers that could be related to the crash," said Alec Duncan with the university's Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST).
(83) The DoS will then make internal DoS and National Security Council notifications and dispatch a FEST and/or a Consequence Management Support Team (CMST) to the U.S.