CMSUColumbia, Montour, Snyder, Union (Pennsylvania counties; mental health program)
CMSUCentral Mindanao State University
CMSUCentral Missouri State University (Warrensburg, MO, USA)
CMSUCharline Mason Seminars Unlimited (real estate courses)
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Lach-Smith claims she lost her job after her students published, stories exposing a "golden parachute" contract for the outgoing president at CMSU.
I think what they've accomplished would be a reason for prospective students to want to come to CMSU to study how good journalism can be done.
The students stay in CMSU housing or nearby hotels.
At the national convention next fall, Eshelman and Missouri student Victoria Whitcomb will be honored with a joint Project Sunshine Award for their successful challenge of a closed-record policy at CMSU.
Eshelman joined the CMSU faculty in 1969 as an associate professor and served as head of the department from 1973 to 1982.
McCaskill said she personally congratulated the student reporters when she delivered her audit at CMSU.
Bruce Swain, chairperson of the communication, department at CMSU, disputed The Muleskinner staff's contentions that Lach-Smith was dismissed in reprisal for the paper's embarrassing revelations about the university's sweetheart deals with administrators.
Students at CMSU will focus on the myxomycetes (true slime molds) collected in situ from the canopy.
Supported in part by grants from the CMSU Research Council and the McCAP program.
Supported by grants from CMSU Office of Extended Campus and CMSU Faculty Senate Professional Enhancement Committee.
54cm deep in a silty clay loam garden soil in the CMSU Orchard.
Supported in part by one time funding by the Office of the President CMSU, and in-kind equipment donation by the Sheerin Scientific Co, Overland Park KS.