CMSWCertified Master Social Worker
CMSWConference of Major Superiors of Women (est. 1956)
CMSWChaska Middle School West (Chaska, MN)
CMSWCritical Management Studies Workshop
CMSWCooroy Mountain Spring Water (Cooroy, QLD, Australia)
CMSWCelebrating Men, Satisfying Women (workshop)
CMSWCentral Medical Services of Westrock (New York)
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According to an article about the conversion project in the Cushwa Center's newsletter, History of Women Religious, critics say Neal and CMSW used leading questions not to measure sisters' willingness to change, but to promote a particular form of change and to urge discontent with convent life.
Smith's analysis usefully demonstrates that corpora such as CMSW can be examined for information on historical pragmatics.
He is especially well-placed to do this, having been personally involved in the digital management of SCOTS and CMSW, and contextualises these projects in relation to some of the wider issues involved with corpus planning, design and development.
Although the author of the letters is a Scot, these are written in Standard English; the CMSW is merely used as a source for the two letters.
The CMSW is also used, in the same inessential way, in Chapter 2 (Jennifer Bann).
Before searching for such occurrences in the Stevenson corpus and in CMSW, the DSL entries for the nouns listed above were analyzed in order to assess their semantic and pragmatic values when used in forms of address.
The next step in the current investigation is therefore to analyze how these forms are employed in both the Stevenson (RLS) corpus and in CMSW, the control corpus.
An uneasy tension arose between the SFC and the CMSW. Major Superiors understood the formation of young religious to be their provenance, but SFC had already been heavily involved as an organization in this very work while maintaining from the beginning close communication with superiors.
Use of a weighted average daily spread addresses CMSW's (p.
(CMSW, Elizabeth Isabella Spence, Letters from the North Highlands, 1816)
By 1970, the year the CMSW -- objecting to the term "superiors" -- changed its name to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an enormous shift in self-understanding had occurred.
"Some find LCWR too liberal and CMSW too conservative," said Tong.