CMTICentral Manufacturing Technology Institute (India)
CMTIClean Manufacturing Technology Institute
CMTICucurbita Maxima Trypsin Inhibitor (chemistry)
CMTICommunity Medical Transport, Inc. (White Plains, NY)
CMTIChesapeake Marine Training Institute (Hayes, VA)
CMTICentral Machine Tools Institute (Bangalore, India)
CMTIChaudronnerie Maintenance Tuyauterie Industrielle (French industrial piping company)
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For example, CMTI Consulting 10-mt hybrid-diesel locomotive spent 18 months operating in local deep-level gold mines.
CMTI Group is manufacturing the equipment at its factory in Tshwane, Gauteng.
For instance, the confidence/self-efficacy and emotional/cognitive control subscales are similar to the self-belief and attentional control subscales included in the CMTI, whereas the positive perspective subscale may be likened to the thrive through challenge subscale included on the AfMTI.
China, Rusia y los paises afines no lograron incorporar sus propuestas mas radicales, pero eso no impidio que el tratado final de las negociaciones en la CMTI (RTI y anexos) incluyera disposiciones controvertidas.
Asimismo, el gobierno de Estocolmo considera que la resolucion de la CMTI no toma en cuenta a todos los actores implicados en las cuestiones relativas a la red y"no reconoce los formatos multipartes y de autodesarrollo que funcionan y evolucionan actualmente en intemet".
These actions increase optocoupler CMTI, but they decrease the device lifetime, which in turn negatively affects system reliability and drives up maintenance costs.
With the decision of conducting two national conferences in two consecutive years followed by one international conference in the third year, the present conference at CMTI, Bangalore is the first in the National ADMET series.
The chamber contracted with CMTI to provide hands-on spray applicators training.
It features 25kV/os@1,500Vcm dynamic Common Mode Transient Immunity (CMTI) rating under high-speed optocoupler switching and 40kV/os@1,000Vcm static CMTI, making it more resilient to noise.
Brodbeck, CMTI has acquired 26,510,000 of Brodbeck's shares.
In response to new market requirements, our latest generation of 5A optocouplers with its new added functions and superior CMTI performance enables our customers to deliver more cost effective, energy efficient and robust gate driver solutions and reinforces Broadcoms commitment to providing high current gate drive optocouplers for industrial applications, said Tze Siong Chong, vice president and general manager of the Isolation Products Division at Broadcom.
Safest: 16 kVpk basic and 10-kV reinforced surge protection ratings, 5 KVrms withstand, 600 Vrms working voltage, Fastest: 150 Mbps throughput, 13 ns max propagation delay, 100 kV/os CMTI, Widest supply range: 1.