CMTRCertified Material Test Report
CMTRCombined Marginal Tax Rate
CMTRCollectif des Musiques et Traditions du Rouergue (French: Collective of Music and Traditions of Rouergue; Rouergue, France)
CMTRCharlotte Moving Truck Rentals (North Carolina)
CMTRCanadian Mental Training Registry
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Therefore a multivalent usable Corner Module Test Rig (CMTR) was developed by the Automotive Engineering Group at Technische Universitat Ilmenau.
To evaluate forces and moments at the test wheel, a Kistler RoaDyn S635 wheel force transducer is mounted at the CMTR. To compute the actual slip of the wheel, incremental position encoders are installed at the wheel and the roller.
or 2499 Cmtr. Raising of 1765/5"x8, 4410/8"x12 & 10"x16"PBs, 2) Excavation of contour trenchs 23120 Rmtr.
Tenders are invited for Excavation of 10000pits and Raising 11000/8"x12" Polythene Bagged Seedlings and Ecavation of 2250 Cmtr. CPT
The bond market is currently dominated by floating issuances based on the Constant Maturity Treasury Reference ('CMTR').
(i) the successful issuance of a local currency bond based on a different hedgeable index other than CMTR; (ii) eliminating non-hedgeable interest rate exposure;