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CMTSComments (US DoD)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System (Cisco)
CMTSCable Modem Termination System
CMTSCentralized Maintenance Test System
CMTSCellular Mobile Telephone Service
CMTSConsulting Member of Technical Staff (various organizations)
CMTSClinical Trial Management System (software)
CMTSComputerized Maintenance Test System (NASA)
CMTSCompliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMTSChange Management Tracking System
CMTSCheyenne Mountain Training System
CMTSControl and Monitor Test Set
CMTSCarrier Transmission Maintenance System (Alcatel)
CMTSCentral Maintenance Test Set
CMTSCommissioner's Mail Tracking System
CMTSChicago Metropolitan Trauma Society
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CMTS is a biennial manufacturing event that will draw more than 9,000 attendees to connect with more than 700 exhibiting companies represented.
Huaxia CMTS has a leading market share in the national cinema computer ticketing system and number of cinema users.
The picture depicts the specific tech skills that the CMTs come with.
Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) is the central device for the connection of cable TV network to a data network e.g.
For more information on the ARRIS C4 CMTS and IPv6, please visit:
The report shows that CMTS growth was driven by strong shipments from Cisco, which more than offset lower sales from Arris and Motorola.
With the malfunction of the CMTS, the School Department's backup system is now the primary system, Mr.
Modular CMTS is designed to economically increase DOCSIS capacity by separating MAC (media access control) routing and DOCSIS signaling, from the edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), with each performed on purpose- designed platforms.
Archie Robinson, hereditary chief of the Kitasoo First Nation at Klemtu -- a tiny, economically starved community in the Great Bear Rainforest, midway up the coast of British Columbia -- calls them "culture trees." The Professional Archeological Association of British Columbia (BC) employs the much drier term, "culturally modified trees" (CMTs).
The two-way infrastructure consists of a multimedia terminal adapter (MTA) located at the customer premises, a cable modem termination system (CMTS) located in the cable headend communicating over an HFC network, as well as the iMerge NCSG and class 5 switch.
Mine Radio Systems (MRS) has teamed up with Canadian telecommunications giant Nortel Networks to produce a new high-speed data network system, Flexcom CMTS. The system provides the same two-way instant voice, data and video communication as MRSs popular Flexcom system, but at data transfer speeds of 30 Mb/s.