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CMTUConfederation of Malta Trade Unions (Valletta, Malta)
CMTUConfederation of Mongolian Trade Unions
CMTUCartridge Magnetic Tape Unit
CMTUCondensed Matter Theory Unit (Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore, India)
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The funding for operating the public sanitation management is budgetary, part coming from public sanitation tax collection on IPTU (municipal real estate tax), through a specific item and comes from the Urban Development Fund of Londrina--FUL managed by CMTU.
According to information from the CMTU selective collection coordinator, to that date the collection was available to 30,000 households in the downtown area and collected up to 4 tons/day, which represented approximately 1% of domestic solid waste generated.
In June 2001, CMTU promoted the removal of informal waste collectors from landfills, encouraging them to form associations, inserting them in selective collection because an individual work system was operationally very fragile to support the program and by dividing the city into units, organized by associations, there would be an organized process of data collection with the inclusion of informal collectors.
Still in 2001, during four months CMTU has continued the door-to-door collection, using two trucks that carried the collected material to this sorting unit.
With the guidance of CMTU, the board of each association was composed of a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary, as well as a finance committee, with three people.
That same year of 2001, CMTU has delimited the area surrounding the city central region, divided it into 10 units and gave each association one of the units.
According to information from CMTU's selective collection coordination, the associations were instructed to notarize their bylaws.
By 2005, the city unit distribution was determined by CMTU, which considered the operational support of each association and efficiency shown in the last three months, in order to enlarge, reduce or restructure the units.
The CMTU has technical and administrative staff for the program coordination and maintains control over its development, from the territorial organization to the social demands coming from the associations.
According to information obtained with the CMTU selective collection coordination, in the last three months of the year the number of collectors increased about 20% due to the increase of recyclable materials available, especially cardboard, plastic soda bottles and aluminum cans.
Cepeve, in partnership with the CMTU, conducts a follow-up service with associations in order to prevent these problems.
According to the CMTU selective collection coordinator, the absenteeism rate is close to 5% and is directly related to the by-laws of each association, the stricter the by-laws the lower the rates.