CMUPConventional Munitions Upgrade Program
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The CMUP covers, among other things, the Block E upgrade to the Lancer, which calls for the installation of enhanced computers to allow for greater versatility in the types of weapons the B-1B can employ.
Carbone continued, "INTEGRITY has become the RTOS of choice for demanding mission and safety-critical aircraft systems such as those required for the Boeing B-1B CMUP.
To satisfy CMUP requirements, Boeing is upgrading the B-1B's avionics flight system, replacing its six existing computers with four new ones that add significantly more computing power and memory.
4 billion figure represents the non-CMUP |Conventional Mission Upgrade Program~ supportability requirements that are independent of the CMUP content and programmatic decisions.
While the service doesn't know how Congress will vote in FY95, it will plan for ECM options in future budgets with an RFP planned for release in FY95 as part of the CMUP, providing that funds are appropriated.
The CMUP will add the capabilities for precision delivery of conventional weapons, using a Global Positioning System capability; cluster bomb units for antiarmor/materiel/personnel capability; Joint Direct Attack Munition; and improved ECM.
The award follows completion of the CMUP risk-reduction phase (Phase IIA), which Rockwell began work on in July 1993.
Aeronautical Systems Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, manages the CMUP program.