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CMVCommercial Motor Vehicle
CMVCucumber Mosaic Virus
CMVCassava Mosaic Virus
CMVChange My View
CMVConcealment Motion Vectors
CMVCryptographic Module Validation
CMVCorel Move
CMVCurrent Market Value (finance)
CMVConventional Mechanical Ventilation
CMVCommon Mode Voltage
CMVContinuous Mandatory Ventilation (mechanical ventilation)
CMVCoordinated and Multiple Views in Exploratory Visualization (IEEE conference)
CMVCisplatin, Methotrexate, Vinblastine (chemotherapy combination)
CMVCryptographic Module Validation (NIST)
CMVCercle des Magiciens du Var (French magicians' association)
CMVComunità Missionaria di Villaregia (Missionary Community of Villaregia)
CMVConstructions Métalliques Vauclusiennes (French steel construction company)
CMVConstructions Mécaniques du Villeneuvois (French: Villeneuve Mechanical Engineering; Villeneuve, France)
CMVConstructions Métalliques de Vendée (French metal manufacturing company)
CMVCombat Mobility Vehicle
CMVcapitalization of manufacturing variances
CMVControlled Medical Vocabularies
CMVCommercial Marine Vehicle
CMVChristelijke Motorrijders Vereniging
CMVConstrained Minimum Variance
CMVCasa Myrna Vazquez (Boston, Massachusetts domestic violence organization)
CMVConverted Meteorological Visibility (aviation)
CMVCounter Mobility Vehicle
CMVCapitalized Manufacturing Variances
CMVCoûts Moyens Variables
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Although the majority of the histologic findings seen in CMV are not specific, any of the above features should prompt further evaluation for congenital CMV infection with immunohistochemical studies.
Vertical transmission of CMV occurs in utero (during any of the trimesters), at birth by passage through the birth canal, or postnatally by ingestion of breast milk.
"While most GPs and midwives will advise pregnant women to avoid unpasteurised food or cat litter, few will talk about preventative measures to reduce the risk of catching CMV.
On average, 30-40% of preschoolers in day care excrete CMV in their saliva and/or urine ("Red Book: 2015 Report of the Committee on Infectious Diseases," American Academy of Pediatrics, p.
CMV nucleic acid testing (NAT), such as PCR, is one of the most common tests performed in clinical virology laboratories to identify CMV reactivation-however, there are important limitations of the test to consider.
Congenital CMV occurs when a baby is infected with CMV during pregnancy.
Twelve antenatal women with previous bad obstetric history were found to be positive for IgM antibodies to CMV. Thus, the seroprevalence for CMV was 7.69%.
Positive IgM results to) Cytomegalovirus (CMV) are indicated of a primitive or repeated infection.
Butyrates are short-chain fatty acids that reduce inflammation but may also boost genes that help CMV persist in the body.
However, in susceptible people, such as those with suppressed immunity or unborn babies, CMV can be a dangerous infection.
The purpose was to evaluate the effect of accuracy of therapy with Ganciclovir and Valganciclovir (correct indication, drug dosage, duration of treatment, etc.) on the patient's outcome mainly considering the failure of antiviral therapy, recurrence or relapse of CMV infection, organ rejection or survival, and antiviral medications' side effects.