CMVRCommon Mode Voltage Range
CMVRCentral Motor Vehicles Rules (India)
CMVRComunita Montana Valle Roveto
CMVRConventional Mitral Valve Replacement (heart surgery)
CMVRcommercial motor vehicle rule
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They can be seen at the posterior pole or around the optic disc and may be associated with a small intraretinal haemorrhage similar to a small focus of CMVR, which may make them difficult to distinguish from early CMVR (Fig.
Furthermore, the cost of treatment is prohibitive, and intra-ocular injections for CMVR also require ophthalmic expertise.
The development of novel strategies to train non-ophthalmologists to screen for CMVR means that ocular case detection may be possible even with decentralisation of HIV services to primary care levels.
According to the Rule 102 of the CMVR, the indicator bulbs should have amber colour only.
Also, the exhaust should not be louder than 88dB under the Rule 120 of the CMVR.
All safety norms prescribed under the CMVR 1989 are based on the UN/European Regulations which are internationally accepted.
This is proposed keeping in view the fact that the E-Rickshaws and E-carts have been allowed a maximum power of 2000 watts and a speed of 25 kms per hour through amendment in the CMVR.
Capacity Diesel Driven Lorry Model AL 1616 IL 4330 mm WB Chassis fitted with H series, Diesel engine (BS-III), 5 Speed synchromesh Gear Box, Power steering, wiper motor Engine (bs-iii), 5 speed synchromesh Gear Box, Power steering, wiper motor RUPD/SUPD, twin mittor LH/RH (one each), driver seat, noise shield, Hydraulic jack, tool kit, CMVR kit, spare wheel carrier & rim, noise shield 2 Nos.
2 kmpl (Certified fuel efficiency as per CMVR Rule 115).