CMVRCommon Mode Voltage Range
CMVRCentral Motor Vehicles Rules (India)
CMVRcommercial motor vehicle rule
CMVRComunita Montana Valle Roveto
CMVRConventional Mitral Valve Replacement (heart surgery)
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It further stated that the production of documents like registration, insurance, fitness, permit and driving licence to the enforcement authorities on their asking can now under the CMVR be in electronic form also, under rule 139.
The stego samples are generated by Cao's, Yao's, and Wang's steganographic methods at the CMVR of 0.2.
The National Ambulance Code will bring a standardisation in ambulances, which at present is missing and majority of the ambulances in India are violating the Central Motor Vehicles Rules ( CMVR) and the Motor Vehicles Act of India." Gupta is the chairman of the expert committee for National Ambulance Code.
The incidence rate of CMVR in HIV infected children was low in the pre-HAART era (0.5 per 100 person-years) and has fallen further in the post-HAART era [34].
They can be seen at the posterior pole or around the optic disc and may be associated with a small intraretinal haemorrhage similar to a small focus of CMVR, which may make them difficult to distinguish from early CMVR (Fig.
In the patients who tested CMV and VZV positive, two were considered to have true active coinfections with CMV and VZV, one had a final diagnosis of CMVR alone, and one had a final diagnosis of NHR due to VZV alone.
Clinical examination of the fundus by indirect ophthalmoscopy is the gold standard for detection of CMVR, yet in many resource-limited settings the geographical and numerical maldistribution of ophthalmologists to HIV-affected individuals renders this an untenable situation.
The road transport ministry has removed the provision in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules (CMVR) that allowed protrusions up to one metre.
"A separate category has been proposed for notification to include quadricyle with specifications adopting present norms notified in the 3-wheeler category of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR) or the European Union quadricycle, whichever is more stringent," a Road Ministrystatement said.
Animal activists are up in arms over the suspension of certain amendments recently made in the Central Motor Vehicle Rules ( CMVR), 1989, which differentiated ' livestock' from ' goods' in transport.