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As illustrated in Table 1, CMV stands for corrective maintenance visit and PMV stands for preventive maintenance visit.
Cucumber mosaic virus (CMV, genus: Cucumovirus, family: Bromoviridae) is one of the most widespread plant viruses in the world with extensive host range infecting about 1000 species including cereals, fruits, vegetables and ornamentals and its economic impact, CMV has been considered as one of the most important viruses (Roossinck, 1999; Palukaitis and Arenal, 2003).
There are currently workshops in place organised by the AUC in collaboration with the AMDC in order to provide a common methodology to assist countries in the development of the Country Mining Visions (CMVs) to domesticate the AMV.
As variaveis que irao compor o modelo sao: Receita Liquida (RL), Custo das Mercadorias Vendidas (CMV), Despesas Operacionais (DespOp) e Resultado Financeiro (ResFin).
This 2-volume text on cytomegalovirus (CMV) is costly and cites data from before 2012, but provides a solid foundation on which to apply new findings.
Term Definition Common-Mode Input Impedance measured between either Impedance input terminal and ground Common-Mode Input Average of the voltages appearing Voltage (CMV) at the + and - inputs Common-Mode Rejection Ratio of the differential voltage Ratio (CMRR) amplification to the common-mode voltage amplification Differential Input Impedance between the two Impedance ungrounded input terminals Differential Input Voltage difference between Voltage the two input terminals Table 1.
All CMVs encode genes that confer immunomodulatory functions that may impact the efficiency of infection, dissemination, reactivation and persistence in the host (reviewed in [7]).
The topics include Intoxicated Driving, Running A Red Light, Distracted Driving, Motorcycles and Motorcycle Helmets, Sharing the Road with CMVs, (5) Child Safety Restraints, and Safety Belts.
The hardware for a recently-developed color machine vision system (CMVS) consisted of a light box, color video camera, frame grabber and computer.
Note that a towed vehicle, such as the trailer, is also a CMV. Since all CMVs must carry liability insurance, both policy limits may be used to satisfy the plainfiff's damages.