CMWCCycle Messenger World Championships
CMWCCommander, Mine Warfare Command
CMWCConsolidated Mutual Water Company (Colorado)
CMWCChowchilla Mountain Women's Club (Mariposa, CA)
CMWCClinton Montague Website Consultant (Oxford, UK)
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The hypothesis of an 18 CMWC maximum catheterized bladder pressure limit asserted in the preliminary discussion needs confirmation and further refinement.
CMWC had several off-line forums in Beijing and Shanghai and our appearance in DIA China.
Thank you for leading me through my early years exploring medical writing as a profession, thank you for the trainings and webinars you provided to young medical writers like me, and thank you for being a role model for CMWC to follow [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
From 2014 to mid-2015, the CMWC organized 4 medical writing forums (see Figure 2 for a group photo of the third CMWC forum) to foster knowledge and experience sharing among medical writers from different companies and to educate new medical writers.
The CMWC has also set up a group on WeChat (a smartphone-based social-networking program), which enables CMWC members to have spontaneous information-sharing and discussion.
The CMWC had a strong presence at the 7th DIA China Annual Meeting (May 24 to 27, 2015, Shanghai).
The CMWC was formed by Chinese medical writers with the objectives of promoting medical writing standards and improving the medical writing profession in China.