CMWSCommon Missile Warning System
CMWSCenter for Marine and Wetland Studies (Coastal Carolina University; Conway, SC)
CMWSColour Managed Workflow Solution (Fuji Xerox)
CMWSCollection Management Work Station (computer system program)
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While the aircraft is in (light, the door chain can accidently contact exposed CMWS circuit breaker wire connections behind the CMWS panel.
Ager also said that the CMWS deliveries represent the first step in equipping USASOC helicopters with the full Suite of Integrated Infrared Countermesures (SIIRCM), which includes the AN/ALO-2 12 Advanced Threat Infrared Counter-measures (ATIRCM) system.
By equipping the Combat Rescue Helicopter with RST and CMWS, the Air Force can be confident that its airmen will be using technology that has been proven in theater on multiple U.
The contract, announced at a briefing at the Army Aviation Association of America (Quad-A) Annual Convention in Nashville, TN, on May 14, also includes equipping a single MH60K fitted with the AN/ALQ-212 Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM) system in addition to the CMWS and flares in what BAE Systems described as a prototype installation.
In achieving a million combat flight hours, CMWS has more than proved its worth to the warfighter.
The CMWS defends military helicopters, and transport and tactical aircraft from heat-seeking missiles by detecting and warning crews of missile threats, and cueing countermeasures.
BAE Systems, Nashua, New Hampshire, was awarded a $447,051,113 modification (P00004) to contract W58RGZ-13-D-0245 to increase the ceiling by the announcement amount for the acquisition of Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS) and associated spare parts, and systems engineering, technical, and logistics support services for both CMWS and Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasures (ATIRCM).
In this instance, the CMWS detected both threats and ordered the ATIRCM jammer to deal with one.
CMWS is flying on multiple Army and allied helicopters and Army fixed-wing aircraft and is credited with saving numerous aircraft and crews from man-portable air defense missiles.
He joined our company in 2004 as a program manager for the CMWS program a technology that protects against infrared missiles by locating the threat and dispensing countermeasures to defeat the attack.
The Army still strongly supports the program; but CMWS for tactical jet aircraft is dead," Grieco said.
Army, BAE is also selling CMWS to the militaries of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, with the Pentagon acting as intermediary on those contracts.