CMWUCoastal Municipalities Water Utility (Palestinian Territories, Israel)
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This component includes three subcomponents: construction of utility central facilities, technical Assistance for CMWU, and operational assistance for the CMWU; and finally, the third component is the project management, monitoring, and evaluation.
The Turkish Red Crescent will target agricultural development and the CMWU the sterilization of water systems.
RAFAH, May 17, 2011 (WAFA) -- Gaza Coastal Municipality Water Utility (CMWU) Tuesday received a water tank in al-Nasr neighborhood in Rafah city south of the Gaza Strip, funded by the Turkish Red Crescent (TRC), according to a CMWU statement.
Thanks to the perseverance of the Non-Governmental Organizations and the support given by ECHO, the PWA (Palestinian Water Authority), and the CMWU (Costal Municipalities Water Utility), the plant finally entered Gaza in February 26.
On water, sanitation and electricity the OCHA writes, "Since 18 January, CMWU and GEDCO technical teams are working to assess and repair damage to the electricity, water and wastewater networks.