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CMYCyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)
CMYCyan Magenta Yellow
CMYCentre for Multicultural Youth (Australia)
CMYCentre Médical d'Yverdon (French: Yverdon Medical Center; Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland)
CMYCardiomyopathy (disease)
CMYConnection Module Y
CMYCivilian Man-Years
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The flavour components of soy-peanut cow milk yoghurt (SPCY), defatted peanut-soy milk yoghurt (DPSY) and cow milk yoghurt (CMY) were determined using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer.
Maquina Tipo de Impresion Textura Color Materialidad Maquerbot Extrucion de Insuficiente 2 Unica Plastico Eden 260v Polyjet Excelente 1 Unica Projet 3510 Polyjet Excelente 1 Unica Connex 500 Multijet Excelente 45 Multiple Projet 5500X Colorjet Excelente 16 Multiple Projet 460 Colorjet Buena CMY Unica Projet 660Pro Colorjet Buena CMYK Unica CMY= Cian, magenta, amarillo.
Yellow pigments are the weakest member in CMY sets for digital printing.
For example, when the individual ink's area coverages are partitioned into two parts with three points [0%, 50%, and 100%], the CMY colorant space will be divided into eight cellular subdomains.
Their study involved the test of four color spaces, RGB, HSV, CMY, and YUV, in order to identify the best color representation.
Villote or "Erps," as the well-loved priest was fondly called, died after cardiopulmonary arrest at CMY in Quezon City.
Pathways and transitions: Post-compulsory education, work, and refugee young people, Carlton: CMY.
Pro Strictly dancer Flavia Cacace, 32, talks staying in and keeping a clear head CMY PERFECT WEEKEND
Though devoid of overt social content, this series is nonetheless related to his earlier work in that it likewise illustrates the process of its own making: Lengths of photosensitive paper (roughly the dimensions of the artist's body) are affixed to the darkroom wall with magnets and then exposed to the CMY spectrum through a horizontal enlarger.
Abstract: In this paper possible CMY and K combinations of coverages as reproduction curves for selected profile are discussed, in the means of achieving related neutral optical output.