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CMYCyan-Magenta-Yellow (color model)
CMYCentre for Multicultural Youth (Australia)
CMYCardiomyopathy (disease)
CMYConnection Module Y
CMYCivilian Man-Years
CMYCentre Médical d'Yverdon (French: Yverdon Medical Center; Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland)
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Countless youths have sought temporary shelter, education and community life in CMY.
2, while the CMY ratio is defined as grey balance (Hunt, 1995).
RGB to CMY transformation, given by equations (5) and CMY to CMYK transformation, given by equations (6)
Average continuous black or continuous composite CMY declared cartridge yield of standard pages is in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798.
To improve the tricolor image's S/N ratio you can combine an unfiltered, full-resolution (unbinned) image with the RGB or CMY composite.
three levels with 16 Alien 02 CMY colour changers, creating a play of light and shadow.
Tack is very important, and we do not go by SWOP standards for our CMY inks.
The Color Wheel Company proudly presents three new products: the CMY Primary Mixing Wheel, the CMY Primary Mixing Workbook, and the CMY Colo-ring Guide.
Entre los modelos orientados al hardware se encuentran: el modelo RGB (Red, Green, Blue) utilizado en monitores y camaras de video a colores; el modelo CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) usado en impresoras; y el modelo YIQ (Y corresponde a la luminosidad -luminance-, Inphase, Quadrature) que es el estandar para la transmision de senal de television en formato NTSC (National Television Standard Committee).
The Ink Optimizing Solution produces ICC device link profiles that can be used to re-separate images automatically within the KODAK PRINERGY Workflow and applies sophisticated color-conversion intelligence to convert color blends and reduces the amount of CMY ink while preserving print quality.
Earlier this summer, we'd purchased a tote (about 3,000 pounds) each of high-strength CMY for targeted use on a new class (to us) of commercial print customer.