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Self-renewal and pluripotency of ESCs are assured by the presence of a few specific factors such as OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, cMYC, NANOG, and LIN28 whose expression is due to a precise chromatin structure derived from epigenetic modifying events that regulate chromatin organization and, consequently, gene expression in all type of cells.
Samples of Tris buffer added to banked human serum (serving as controls for each experiment) returned cTnT values between LoD and 6.98 ng/L, cTnI values between LoD and 5.00 ng/L, and cMyC values between 11.37 and 26.78 ng/L.
Moreover, the Wnt pathway induces the transcription of genes involved in cell proliferation, that is, cMyc (through glutaminolysis, nucleotide synthesis, and LDH-A activation) and cyclin D1 (through G1) [50-55].
Fluorescence in situ hybridization studies (FISH) were negative for cMYC, BCL2, and BCL6 rearrangements but revealed deletion of TP53 in 14/100 cells (Figure 3(a)) and monosomy of chromosome 17 in 20/100 cells (although these results fall within the range of the cutoff of 20-30% on paraffin tissue) (Figure 3(b)) as compared to normal cells (Figure 3(c)).
Double staining together with molecules of interest was performed: phospho-pyruvate dehydrogenase (p-PDH) (Abcam), HIF1[alpha] (Abcam), HIF2[alpha] (Abcam), Nanog (Abcam), Klf4 (R&D Systems), cMyc (Santa Cruz Biotechnology), p62 (Abcam), p300 (R&D Systems), H2BacK20 (Abcam), H3acK9 (Abcam), and H4acK5K8,K12,K16 (Abcam).
Likewise, cell proliferation is suppressed in HCC due to let-7a and let-7 g that regulates the oncogenic STAT3 and cMyc, respectively [42].
It is utilized in hematology to detect and monitor a large number of cancer or disease-related cellular components (e.g., BCR-ABL translocations, B and T cell gene rearrangements, BRAF, CMYC, KIT, TP53, and BCL2).
Expression of c-erbB2, p53, Bcl-2, Bax, cmyc and Ki-67 in apocrine metaplasia and apocrine change within sclerosing adenosis of the breast.
Apoptotic cell death by vinblastine is mediated by various signaling molecules, including JNK, Erk, cmyc, and NF-kB (Bressin et al., 2006; Calvino et al., 2015; Fan et al., 2000; Stadheim et al., 2001).
Evidence for increased levels of cmyc mRNA during hypertrophy.
Indole-3-carbinol induces cMYC and IAP-family downmodulation and promotes apoptosis of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)positive but not of EBV-negative Burkitt's lymphoma cell lines.