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CMZCode Management System
CMZChannel Migration Zone
CMZCleveland Metroparks Zoo (Cleveland, OH)
CMZCentraal Meldpunt Zorg (Dutch: Central Care Reporting)
CMZCape Mountain Zebra (mammal)
CMZContiguous Municipality Zone
CMZCougar Mountain Zoo (Washington)
CMZCalcium, Magnesium and Zinc
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During the last 10 to 12 years, the population profile of the CMZ is characterized by a significant population migration phenomenon (Table 1) towards the layer of villages positioned in the proximity of the urban core.
At the same time, we observe in Table 1 that Floresti, Apahida and Baciu are not the only villages within CMZ that have experienced an increase of population density.
The complete view of the migration effects upon the spatial structure of the CMZ is given by the data from Table 5, presenting the population predictions on age groups.
The purpose of this analysis is to determine whether the economy within the CMZ presents or not a unitary profile and in this way to estimate the chances of the development to spread within its borders.
As a disparity level, the unemployment rate in the periphery (third and second ring) has always been double as related to the inner side of CMZ (first ring and urban zone).
The second economic indicator used to establish the economic homogeneity within the CMZ is the level of economic diversity, which was calculated using the location quotient of 19 economic activities, as classified by the National Institute of Statistics.
As a consequence, we can affirm that, beyond the existing or predicted demographic and economic disparities, there still exists a real potential for spreading development from the CMZ urban zone to the peripheries.
The CMZ is a voluntary based association consisting, as shown before, of Cluj- Napoca municipality and 17 surrounding villages.
2) to be implemented, as these projects, according to the SCMZA, are the tool for achieving the sustainable development of the CMZ.
The CMZ decision-making body is the General Assembly of CMZ (GACMZ), representing the communities based on a proportional rule.
But at the same time the total urban surface of CMZ is 179.