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CMZCode Management System
CMZChannel Migration Zone
CMZCleveland Metroparks Zoo (Cleveland, OH)
CMZCentraal Meldpunt Zorg (Dutch: Central Care Reporting)
CMZCape Mountain Zebra (mammal)
CMZContiguous Municipality Zone
CMZCougar Mountain Zoo (Washington)
CMZCalcium, Magnesium and Zinc
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Analysis of the consistency between the projects accessed by CMZ and the rationale of Priority Axis 1, Major Domain of Intervention 1
According to the Integrated Plan for Urban Development (IPUD), the criteria that are entitling CMZ to receive the local growth pole statute are very similar to the ones used by the Government when establishing the seven national growth poles (IPUD, pp.
The above mentioned projects do not seem to overlap with their specific local importance, except maybe the modernization and extension of public transport in CMZ, which seems at a first glance to have a metropolitan dimension.
In fact, all the objectives that address the rural part of CMZ (IPUD, pp.
The second issue to be discussed is the spreading development concept, and this will be deeper addressed in the second part of this article, the case study upon CMZ. The study will not take into consideration the fact that the IPUD projects presented above do not have a real metropolitan or regional extent, rather it will try to find out which is the relationship between the economic, social and economic profile of the area under the influence of the growth pole and the capacity of the development to spread within it.
From this point of view, the analysis will try to create the economic and demographic profile of the CMZ by comparing the urban zone, the 'core' of the growth pole in our case, to the rest of the metropolitan zone.
CMZ is covering a 30 kilometers radius around Cluj-Napoca and represents 23% of the surface and 55% of the population of Cluj County.
During the last 10 to 12 years, the population profile of the CMZ is characterized by a significant population migration phenomenon (Table 1) towards the layer of villages positioned in the proximity of the urban core.
At the same time, we observe in Table 1 that Floresti, Apahida and Baciu are not the only villages within CMZ that have experienced an increase of population density.
“Trading physical gas in Portugal is a natural step for CMZ Trading.
CMZ Trading is a leading online trading and investment specialist with a worldwide client base.
Meanwhile CMZ's takeover would secure Newco a comfortable share of Zaire's maritime traffic with the rest of the world, that has so far been sold to other companies.