CN11st Cranial Nerve (Olfactory)
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In both layers, the CN1 showed the highest values of TOC (Figures 1A and B); in the layer of 0-10 cm, the CN1 showed the highest TOC content (61.2 g [kg.sup.-1]), which was 37% higher in comparison to that of the CN2, whose mean content was 38.4 g [kg.sup.-1] (Figure 1A).
Os dados encontrados para porcentagem de agregados de cada classe e diametro medio geometrico de agregados estaveis em agua referentes a RT1 foram comparados com a sua testemunha, o CN1. Do mesmo modo, os dados relativos a RT2 foram comparados com a sua respectiva testemunha, o CN2.
(3) In the American College of Surgeons oncology Group (ACOSOG) Z1071 trial, cN1 subgroup no node was dissected in 46 of 649 patients (7.1%) and false negatives occurred for 56 of 351 patients (16%).
Examples of performance requirements for the LC6-DOF system at maximum load include simultaneous 3-DOF random motion as defined by the composite tactical wheeled and two-wheeled trailer environments in MILSTD-810G-CN1, sine-on-random vibration for rotorcraft as defined in Table 514.7C-IX of 810G CN1 and various randomon-random-based tracked-vehicle environments.
Source: Focus group interviews, Carpat Panel 2009, computed by the author Table 4: Attitudes concerning Transylvanian Hungarians belonging to the Romanian nation/ having Romanian citizenship Categories Higher educated Lower educated Transylvanian Hungarians do not CN4, SG8 TM6 MC3 CN4 TM2, SG2 MC3 belong to the Romanian nation (in an ethnocultural sense) Transylvanian Hungarians belong CN2 to the Romanian (political) nation Belonging to the Romanian CN1 SG2, MC1 nation is a secondary identification form Belonging to the Romanian CN2, SG5 citizens' community, but not to the Romanian nation Note: The abbreviations mean: CN: Cluj-Napoca, TM: Targu-Mures, SG: Sfantu Gheorghe (Covasna), MC: Miercurea Ciuc (Harghita), O: Oradea (Bihor), B: Band (Mures).
The 4 and 1 km forecasts with radar data assimilation, that is, CN4 and CN1, started from the analyses produced on the native model grid by the Advanced Regional Prediction System (ARPS) [8] three-dimensional variational (3DVAR) system [17] and its complex cloud analysis package [9, 18], using the same NAM analysis as the background.
Ta3 Degree rate of tag (2008) recognition Connection Cn1 The mobile RFID service Park et al.
###CLN246OE, CLN3022F2-10-55, CLN3022F2-1 1-16, CN1 17, CN634, FLA 496-11-6-1-0, L00854,