CN1010th Cranial Nerve (vagus)
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Sufficient shear to disperse this material can be imparted through the use of an HSD (High Speed Disperser) such as a Dispermat CN10 equipped with a Cowles blade at [greater than or equal to]3000 rpms for 15 min.
The susceptibility testing has been done following the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards guidelines by isolates were incubated in nutrient broth at 37[degrees]C for 24 h and the suspension was adjusted to a turbidity equivalent to a 0.5 McFarland standard and by using the disk diffusion method on Mueller-Hintonagar the Susceptibility to antimicrobial agents was determined [18] The selected antibiotics for antibiogram Chloramphenicol 30mg (C30), Imipenem 10mg (IPM10), Gentamycin 10mg (CN10), Ciprofloxacin 10mg (CIP10), Nalidixic acid30mg (NA30), ampicillin 25mg (AM25), Amoxycillin 30mg (AMC30) and Cefotaxime 10mg (CTX10mg) that were commonly used in pneumonia treatment, Isolates were categorized as resistant, susceptible and intermediate [18].