CN22nd Cranial Nerve (optical)
CN2Carnosinase 2
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Some of the conserved amino acid residues conforming the active site of the Carnosinase (CN2) which interacts with Mn+2 are marked in black bold.
(a, c, and e) Indicating the presence of severe congestion, vacuolization, inflammation, and necrosis in an animal of the CN2 subgroup at the 7th postoperative day (a), which is statistically significantly improved in a transplanted animal of the B2 subgroup (c) and resembles normal liver histology in a transplanted animal of the C2 subgroup (e).
Swiss firm Thermoplan leverages AR technology from CN2 to create animations that aid in training and servicing.
In both layers, the CN1 showed the highest values of TOC (Figures 1A and B); in the layer of 0-10 cm, the CN1 showed the highest TOC content (61.2 g [kg.sup.-1]), which was 37% higher in comparison to that of the CN2, whose mean content was 38.4 g [kg.sup.-1] (Figure 1A).
Do mesmo modo, os dados relativos a RT2 foram comparados com a sua respectiva testemunha, o CN2. Para fins de comparacao de medias, foi aplicado o teste "t" de Student ao nivel de 5% de probabilidade de erro.
TS1 TS5 TS9 TS13 TS17 TS21 to to to to to to TS25-TS44 TS4 TS8 TS12 TS16 TS20 TS24 BS CH1 CH1 CH1 CH1 CH1 (N000) (N100) (N100) (N100) (N100) (N100) Future expansion to to to to to to of 5 nodes CH1 CH2 CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4 (N100) (N200) (N101) (N102) (N103) (N104) CH2 CH2 CH2 CH2 (N200) (N200) (N200) (N200) Future expansion to to to to of 5 nodes CN1 CN2 CN3 CN4 (N201) (N202) (N203) (N204) FIGURE 6: Data cycle structure.
* Best AR/VR was presented to CN2 for its Assist platform.
Nodes CN1, CN2 and CN3 are the CNs of SN and CN4, CN5 and CN6 are the CNs of IN.
Purification and properties of a protease produced by Bacillus subtilis CN2 isolated from a Vietnamese fish sauce.
Just a few weeks ago, Amro took a class victory in the CN2 class in the Gulf 12hr endurance race in Abu Dhabi.