CN55th Cranial Nerve (trigeminal)
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De tal modo que los SNPs analizados in silico que modifican el valor de [DELTA]G del ARNm, CN2, CN5, CN12 y CN11 (mas estables de CAPN1) en conjunto con los SNPs in silico CS28, CS9, CS12, CS13, CS22, CS23 y CS26 (menos estables de CAST) conducirian a carnes mas tiernas al existir una mayor actividad de CAPN1 y una tasa de inhibicion menor por parte de CAST.
El analisis in silico de las secuencias evaluadas permitio determinar el efecto de los polimorfismos del gen de la CAPN y CAST bovina sobre la estabilidad o estructura del ARNm (CN2, CN5, CN12 CN11, CS28, CS9, CS12, CS13, CS22, CS23 y CS26), sobre la estructura superficial de la proteina (CS11, CS14) y sobre el parametro PI de la proteina CAST (CS1).
Validez convergente Variable Indicator Factor Robust CA CR AVE loading t-value Confianza CN1 0.786 9.288 0.936 0.936 0.710 CN2 0.862 10.706 CN3 0.881 11.110 CN4 0.854 10.549 CN5 0.837 10.214 CN6 0.831 10.109 Valor VP1 0.709 7.994 0.978 0.915 0.645 percibido VP2 0.805 9.580 VP3 0.824 9.923 VP4 0.820 9.846 VP5 0.774 9.036 VP6 0.878 10.974 Intencion IC1 0.904 11.721 0.914 0.981 0.877 de compra IC2 0.927 12.233 IC3 0.931 12.344 IC4 0.978 13.512 IC5 0.963 13.120 IC6 0.915 11.977 Nota: CA = Alfa de Cronbach, significativo >0.8; CR = Fiabilidad compuesta, significativo >0.70; AVE = Varianza extraida promedio, significativo >0.50 Fuente: Pena (2014).
For CN2 and CN5 multilayers, the expected modulated structure generally observed in Cu/Nb multilayers broke down, as some regions with a well-modulated structure were surrounded by regions having a mixed structure.
To further explore the unusual microstructure, energy disperse spectroscopy (EDS) was performed to examine the distribution of Cu and Nb in both mixed region and modulated region, which had quite different morphologies, especially CN5 and CN2 multilayers.
Chapur worked as a reporter for CN5 briefly, according to reports.
<b>Below is the translated text of the statement of Maria Belen Chapur as read on Sunday on an Argentine television station, CN5.</b>
Glass monitors (CN5 for zircon, placed at the top and bottom of the irradiation package were used to determine the fluente gradient.
Size distribution of trees [is greater than or equal to] 10 cm dbh in the three Madagascar study areas (N5, CN5, CS7).
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(c) Both parties are concerned about the other's - profitability CN5. (c) One party will not take advantage of a strong - bargaining position Legal Contracts (a) ([alpha]=0.86, CR=0.88, AVE=0.72) LC1.
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