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For instance, McDonald is described as rising to Chief Pilot of CNAC. It seems slightly odd that in the material selected from the letters and memorabilia of the CNAC Chief Pilot, the operations manager and vice-president of CNAC from 1931 until 1948, William Langhorne Bond, is never once mentioned.
"The fund doubled its earnings in 2015, so we've been able to counteract the impact of the current hyperinflation," says CNAC president Juan Carlos Lossada.
It held that the tax-free distributions from CNAC had economic consequences since they reduced the shareholders' ability to deduct their share of future losses of CNAC and reduced CNAC's assets.
According to a statement issued by CNAC, the alliance would position Air China and China Eastern as 'leading airlines' in North East Asia.
The buyout would revamp the intertwined shareholding structures of major players in the regional aviation sector, including Cathay, CNAC, Air China and CITIC Pacific, the daily said.
The buyout will revamp the intertwined shareholding structure of major players in the regional aviation sector, including Cathay, CNAC, Air China and Beijing-backed CITIC Pacific.
Edvantia selected The CNA Corporation (CNAC) to conduct a formative and summative evaluation of the Model IV Intervention implementation and impact.
The CNAC protocol requires notification of offenders where possible, and allows them to provide written input for consideration by the committee.
The agreement will also introduce Chinese products to the international eBay auction sites with CNAC planning to initially offer gold, jade and gemstones for online auction.
In what may prove a crucial contact, SITA is working with CNAC on boosting operational capabilities in several key areas, including participation on trials of the new digital ATC systems.