CNADConference of National Armaments Directors (NATO)
CNADConselho Nacional Antidopagem (Portugal)
CNADCenter for A New American Dream
CNADConference of NATO Armaments Directors
CNADCalling Name Delivery
CNADCrank-Nicolson Approximate Decoupling (algorithm)
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CNAD encourages personal actions to protect the environment with its "Turn the Tide" program of nine actions that can lead one to more "responsible consumption.
Participants in the "Turn the Tide" program are encouraged to report their actions to the CNAD web site.
Environmentalists from CNAD, Co-op America, the Consumers Choice Council and others have met with federal environmental officials to push green purchasing, and some greens have high hopes for John Howard, the new federal environmental executive, who is said to be enthusiastic about green procurement.
In 1996, CNAD grew out of the Merck Foundation and a conference on sustainable economics.
CNAD estimates that if 1,000 people pursue the program for one year, 48.
A poll conducted by CNAD found that although two-thirds of parents claim their children care about the environment, more than 70 percent of parents say their children don't think buying too much stuff will degrade the natural world.
CNAD charges that advertising has moved beyond the original purpose of gaining market share to creating a whole desire for more stuff.
Oliver describes the "extremist" CNAD as "trying to tap into feelings of dissatisfaction that we all feel from time to time.