CNAEClasificación Nacional de Actividades Económicas
CNAEConsejo Nacional de las Artes Escenicas (National Council for Performing Arts; Cuba)
CNAEComputer Networks at Ease (Australia)
CNAEContributions to North American Ethnology (periodical)
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States' ability to engage in CNAE is not just theoretical.
possesses both the capability and strategy for using CNAE.
CNAE is establishing itself as an important tool in military
35) CNAE can be developed at a relatively low cost, can
networks, this interest in CNAE is unlikely to wane.
257) No treaties specifically regulate CNAE, but it is governed by the
258) Those aspects of CNAE which cause physical damage can
259) Other types of CNAE, particularly those involving attacks on
A CNAE operation could be structured in a similar fashion.
000) Table 3 Effects Specific to Industry-city Interactions Characterized by the Existence of Industrial Concentrations City CNAE ROA OpROA ASSETURN Americana 174 -0.
The selected data include all formal jobs of the 99 economic activities of the manufacturing industry, ranging between the 3-digit CNAEs (the Brazilian version of Standard Industry Classifications [SICs]) 151 and 372, in 645 cities in Sao Paulo State from 1996 to 2005.
Originally, the base contained 8,637 records pertaining to 1,569 firms located in 76 cities, belonging to 59 different CNAEs.