CNAFCaisse Nationale des Allocations Familiales (French: national family allowances fund)
CNAFCommander, Naval Air Forces
CNAFCanadian Native Arts Foundation
CNAFCombined Name and Address File
CNAFCarnation Nutra-Analogue Foods Ltd.
CNAFComponent-Numbered Air Force
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With CNAF directives being revised to account for the new system, necessity has come to dictate that work routines be re-learned and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) re-written.
CNAF Guidance: QARs, QAOs and QASs are required to attend the Naval Aviation QA Administration Procedures Course D/E 555-0046 (older classes are acceptable).
To accomplish these tasks, CNAF is modifying the major naval-aviation-policy instructions, such as OPNAVINST 3710.
CNAF introduced the Blueprint conference -- a youth event that focuses on providing flesh-and-blood proof that any career dream can come true -- last year in Winnipeg.
This estimated modest increase in financial leverage considers the current $500 million senior notes offering and the approximate $375 million after-tax GAAP loss CNAF expects in the third quarter of 2010 as a result of its recent announced plans to transfer $1.
Originally, it will have the basic CNAF menu, but CS's can add special menu items as needed, and they can be adjusted.
Largely an administrative movement, the realignment places all CNATRA aviation hardware, operating budgets, and cockpit-related training, known as the "seat to feet" phase, under the cognizance of CNAF and the Naval Aviation Enterprise, while the "street to seat" phase remains under the direction of NETC.
To reach the CNAF website and get more information on the topics in this article, click on www2.
25 billion of preferred stock CNAF issued to Loews in November 2008 was downstreamed to CNA's lead property/casualty insurer, Continental Casualty Company (CCC), via a surplus note to strengthen statutory surplus.
The roundtable serves as a professional level forum and brought together representatives from CNAF, Naval Supply Systems Command Headquarters, Naval Inventory Control Point, Defense Logistics Agency, and numerous naval aviation ashore activities, such as those that provide type wing support, operational readiness support, naval air training (CNATRA) support, Joint/Reserve support and auxiliary support.
Best believes CNAF is well positioned to achieve its capital management plans for the year.
CNAF does appear to have adequate liquidity as evidenced by approximately $500 million in holding company cash and liquid investments, solid operating cash flows and no debt maturities until 2011.