CNAPSCenter for Northeast Asian Policy Studies
CNAPSCirculating Nucleic Acids in Plasma/Serum
CNAPSChina National Advanced Payment System (People's Bank of China)
CNAPSCo-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems (computing; Adaptive Solutions Inc.)
CNAPSCentre on North American Politics and Society (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CNAPSChina National Automated Payments System
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CNAPS, made up of a large-sum, real-time payment network and a small-sum, volume payment network, will access 8,964 commercial banks and nodes across 324 cities in China.
Industry representatives provided current approaches in techniques, reagents, and analytic systems for CNAPS and serum proteomics.
If signal quality degrades in one portion of the network, the CNAPS detects the condition, and calls are shifted to the alternate paths calculated by the QBrain.
Accelerated QuickStrokes' rapid execution speeds are the result of combining Mitek's leading ICR QuickStrokes/API image recognition engine with Adaptive Solutions' high performance CNAPS PCI-XL accelerator boards.
Second, this contract helps accelerate our transition to the use of commercial mainstream processors, extending us beyond the use of our own powerful CNAPS chips," Meub continued.
Adaptive Solutions designs and manufactures forms and label processing products using the CNAPS architecture for the transportation markets.
The new strategy builds on our expertise in parallel data programming, using our proprietary CNAPS processor and industry standard parallel processing microprocessors," Hammerstrom added.
Mitek's Quickstrokes/API uses Adaptive Solutions' CNAPS PCI coprocessor board.
Adaptive Solutions provides sophisticated forms and image processing solutions based on its unique CNAPS parallel processing microprocessor technology.
Under the agreement, Mimetics' optical character recognition (OCR) software for machine printing is being ported to Adaptive Solutions' CNAPS parallel processing microprocessor.
The year-over-year revenue increase came from increased product shipments and from research and development agreements, under which the company provides technical expertise to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers evaluating or implementing products based on the company's CNAPS architecture.
Adaptive designs and manufactures parallel processing products using the CNAPS architecture for pattern recognition applications, including image processing and neural networks.