CNASCenter for a New American Security (Washington, DC)
CNASCollege of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (University of California, Riverside)
CNASCenter for North American Studies
CNASCollege of Natural and Applied Sciences (University of Guam)
CNASCommission Nationale d'Action Sociale
CNASconvergent nozzle actuator system
CNASComité National d'Action Sociale (French: National Committee for Social Action)
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C'est le constat etabli par Bendjeriou Abdelkader, directeur de l'agence CNAS de la wilaya de Tipasa.
The CNAS report also calls for the elimination of redundancy among the services, for greater reliance on unmanned vehicles and growing investments in research and development.
It was discovered that the narrative could easily be co-opted, along with the brand of its leading man, General Petraeus, and nearly all of his so-called brain trust, now fellows, advisers, and speakers at CNAS events.
As co-author of the Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual in 2006 (aka the Petraeus Doctrine), he has, since February, indulged his role as president and chief COIN pusher at CNAS with almost religious zeal.
CNAS not only took Clinton's loss in stride, it gauged the post-Bush zeitgeist correctly.
The national five-day seminar organized by CNAS at Annapurna Hotel, Kathmandu in 1986 on the occasion of the 25-year Panchayat jubilee celebration, in which most of the seminar participants criticized the Panchayat regime is a case in point.
Tektronix is now the only multi-national company with commercial CNAS 17025 calibration services in the Southwest China region - offering a single source calibration provider for customers' entire instrument inventories.
The laboratory in Chengdu has the capability to provide CNAS 17025 accredited calibration for the following types of instruments: digital multimeters, clamp meters, oscilloscopes up to 6GHz, DC Resistance Boxes and RF Signal up to 26.
The lab can also provide onsite calibration to customers throughout the region for products covered by Tektronix's CNAS accreditation in Beijing and Shanghai.
We needed a partner with expertise in rolling out healthcare smart card and customisation systems," said Mr Ahmed Khenchoul, General Director of CNAS.
We are proud to be taking part in this ambitious CNAS modernization plan, which will be a premiere not only in North Africa but on the entire African continent," added Xavier Chanay, President CIS, Middle East, Africa at Gemalto.
This accreditation by CNAS represents the culmination of many years of hard work and significant investment that Tektronix has made in new equipment, site infrastructure, and personnel in China.