CNATRAChief of Naval Air Training
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Examples of people we have included on our distribution include aeromedical professionals, base operations personnel, airwing staff, ATC representatives, and the local CNATRA N4 detachment.
Because the CQ players were all unwinged aviators, the CNATRA tolerances for sea state are small: No more than six feet of pitching deck.
Andrews CNATRA VT-2 VT-7 VT-10 HT-18 VT-27 VT-31 VT-35 COMMARFORPAC HMLAT-303 HMLA-367 HMLA-369 HMM-262 HMM-265 HMM-364 VMM-161 HMH-463 HMH-361 HMH-466 VMA-513 VMFAT-101 MCAS Kaneohe Bay COMNAVAIRFORES VP-69 VR-55 VR-57 VFC-12 VR-48 VR-56 HSC-85 VAW-77 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM U.
HT-8 earned three awards: the CNO Naval Environmental Stewardship Flagship Award for its work with the state of Florida and local conservation groups in rehabilitating land and waterways; the CNATRA Training Excellence Award, designating it the top advanced training squadron; and the CNO Health, Safety and Fitness Award recognizing squadrons that display the greatest attention to community health issues.
Like all other CNATRA units, TraWing 6 uses contract maintenance.
Robert Goldwaithe Award; CNATRA Training Excellence Award; VAdm.
COMNAVAIRLANT VFA-131 VFA-103 VAW-124 HS-3 HSL-48 HSC-26 VP-30 VS-22 VX-1 COMNAVAIRFOR VFA-192 VFA-27 VAW-115 HS-6 HSL-49 HSC-21 VPU-2 VQ-1 (EW) VQ-3 (TACAMO) VAQ-134 (Expeditionary) VAQ-139 (Pac deployed) VAQ-130 (Lant deployed) COMMARFORCOM VMFA-122 VMGR-252 VMM-266 VMAQ-3 VMM-162 VMAQ-1 VMU-2 HMH-464 VMR-1 VMFA(AW)-224 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 COMNAVAIRSYSCOM VX-31 FRC, Southeast CNATRA VT-2 VT-7 VT-10 VT-21 VT-27 VT-35 HT-18 COMMARFORPAC HMM-262 VMGR-152 VMGR-352 HMLA-267 HMH-363 HMM-364 HMM-166 HMM-161 HMLA-169 HMLA-369 VMA-311 MCAS Yuma VMFA(AW)-242 COMNAVAIRFORES VP-62 VR-46 VR-51 VR-57 VR-62 HSC-85 VFC-111 VAQ-209 CG FOURTH MAW HMM-764 HMLA-773 (-) HMLA-773 HMLA-773 Det.
Merrell, a T-45 strike-flight instructor from VT-21 based at NAS Kingsville, stood CNATRA duty landing-signal officer (LSO) at NAS Key West, he was notified that a student naval aviator (SNA) was diverting from USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).
HT-18 received the 2002 CNATRA Training Excellence Award for effectively and efficiently training future Naval Aviators.
A VMGR-452 VMFA-142 HMM-774 CNATRA VT-3 VT-4 VT-7 VT-21 VT-28 VT-31 HT-18
Last year, the Navy as a whole, and CNATRA specifically, experienced a spike in the number of flight mishaps.
Formed as a group effort between CNAF, CNAL, NAVAIR, CNAFR, CNATRA, OPNAV N78, and HQMC aviation, the work has continued and has shown tremendous success in depots and intermediate-level commands.