CNATTUCenter for Naval Aviation Technical Training Unit
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"We sent over some people who had previous recruit division commander experience who we knew could handle that type of duty, and be able to set up policies and stuff like that," added Cochran, "Now it's kind of a seamless integration of TSC and CNATTU personnel," added Anderson.
The instructors who stayed at CNATTU needed to prepare for their new curriculum.
"One particular lab we had was a safety wire lab and we didn't have anything," said AM1 John Nevin, CNATTU's LPO.
Meanwhile, AMl (AW) Kelbin Suero researched what CNATTU would need for their own lab.
The total number of students at CNATTU can range from as low as 70 to more than 170.
Ladd says CNATTU is fairly close to reaching STAR 21's full potential.
CNATTU continues to bring in new training aids and programs, and each new step brings them closer to fulfilling the vision of STAR 21.
"The captain [at the schoolhouse in Pensacola] called up all the CNATTUs and said, "'We're going to accelerate STAR 21.