CNCDChronic Non-Communicable Disease
CNCDConsortium of Neurology Clerkship Directors (American Academy of Neurology)
CNCDConfederazione Nazionale Coltivatori Diretti (Italian: National Farmers Confederation)
CNCDCenter-Near/Center-Distance (lenses)
CNCDCentre National de Co-Opération au Développement
CNCDChange Notice Card
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The social determinants of CNCD include inequalities in access to goods and services and information, in addition to low levels of education.
The remaining five (26.31%) did not specify whether the participants suffered from DM along another CNCD.
The effects of dietary compounds on metabolic pathways related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other CNCD are currently under investigation and are leading the traditional methods of nutritional counseling towards a more complex approach based on the modulation of gene expression by food.
Abbreviation List AMPC: Cyclic adenosine monophosphate BMI: Body Mass Index BRIC: Brazil-Russia-India-China CNCD: Chronic noncommunicable diseases ChrEBP: Carbohydrate-responsive element-binding protein CKD: Chronic kidney disease DEXA: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Fiaf: Fasting-induced adipose factor FM%: Fat mass percentage FTO: Fat mass and obesity associated gene GF: Germ-free LGS: Low glycinin soymilk LPL: Lipoprotein lipase NWO: Normal weight obese PGC-1: Peroxisomal proliferator activated receptor coactivator SREBP-1C: Sterol regulatory element-binding protein 1c.
As regards the other defendant before the CNCD, FC Steaua, Accept maintains that the club has at no time distanced itself from Mr Becali's statements.
Using a different 12-pair list suggested by INSHREW, a poll conducted between December 27 and January 11, 2012, by the Bucharest-based TNS CSOP Romania on behalf of the CNCD (28) produced findings on Jews (29) considerably different from earlier polls, as shown in table 5.
Mardi, le Conseil national syrien (CNS), qui regroupe la majorite des courants de l'opposition, a dementi avoir conclu un accord avec le Comite national pour le changement democratique (CNCD), un autre groupe de l'opposition.
National Coordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD), which held
12 and 19, organized by the National Coordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD), essentially demanded a repeal of the state of emergency and a "change of system." They reportedly mobilized only 250 and 500 people
However, the two marches of 12 and 19 February organized by the National Coordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD), demanding essentially a repeal of the state of emergency and a "change of system", reportedly mobilized only 250 and 500 people respectively, according to Algerie Presse Service.
The next anti-government rally will be held February 19, said Mustapha Bouchahi of National Coordination for Change and Democracy (CNCD), an umbrella group of opposition parties, civil society movements and unofficial unions.