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According to an Exclusive Partnership Agreement signed on 26 Sept 2013 between the Group and CNCAC, CNCG is able to import foreign films from Hollywood as well as from other countries to China.
To diagnose a person as brain dead involves two brain death examinations done by two physicians and usually completed 12 hours apart, which, if the indicators are present, determine if the patient meets brain death criteria (CNCG, 1999).
In neonates, infants, and children, physicians use slightly different methods during brain death examinations that take into account the different anatomy and physiology between these age groups (CNCG, 1999).
APPLICATION: Burning CNCG has little or no effect on kiln performance, but it can lead to high S[O.sub.2] emissions.
Because of its high sulfur content, the burning of concentrated NCG (CNCG) is thought to have an effect on TRS and S[O.sub.2] emissions as well as on the composition and quality of product lime.
A concentrated noncondensible gas (CNCG) system upgrade included new loop seals, piping modifications, control valves, and an upgrade to DCS control.
When burned in the lime kiln, CNCGs caused numerous upsets leading to high productivity and maintenance costs.
(OTC: CNCG) said its subsidiary Janus Cam has recently entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with Cabconnect Canada for the sale, distribution, installation and support of the Janus Cam product line of high definition in-vehicle recording devices in Canada.
(OTC: CNCG) subsidiary Janus Cam said it has introduced a new product into the consumer marketplace: the Janus V1HD high definition 120 degree angle camera with integrated GPS and audio recording with all data compiled on the included 8GB SD card.
(OTCBB: CNCG) said it has purchased all of the shares of Wireless Village db/Janus Cam that were not owned by Concierge Technologies, thus making Wireless Village once again its wholly owned subsidiary.
(OTCBB: CNCG) reported Friday that a significant portion of its debt has been converted to equity.
(OTC: CNCG) reported an agreement has been reached with the minority shareholders of Wireless Village dba/3rd Eye Cam wherein Concierge Technologies will purchase all of the shares it currently does not own in a stock-for-stock transaction.