CNCIComprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (US DHS)
CNCIChittaranjan National Cancer Institute (India)
CNCICement and Concrete Institute (more commonly seen as C&CI; marketing organization; South Africa)
CNCICouncil of National Cultural Institutions (Ireland)
CNCICeylon National Chamber of Industries (Sri Lanka)
CNCICanadian Nursing Coalition for Immunization
CNCICanadian Nursery Certification Institute (pest protection)
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Commenced in 1960, pioneering CNCI is the foremost service facilitator as well as the voice of the Industry.
Declassification of the CNCI enabled the timely development of a framework for international partnerships consistent with a common cyber security policy.
Por ejemplo Grupo Avalanz es un corporativo integrado por las empresas Zignia Live, Super Boletos, TV Azteca Noreste, Expo Tampico, Universidad CNCI y Arena Monterrey.
GAO was asked to determine (1) what actions have been taken to develop interagency mechanisms to plan and coordinate CNCI activities and (2) what challenges CNCI faces in achieving its objectives related to securing federal information systems.
83) The CNCI was an effort to identify current and emerging cyber threats, protect vulnerable infrastructure, and determine how to respond to cybercriminals.
To improve CNCI, more than 50 percent of CISOs say that they would like to see less classification around the program, greater attention to authentication and more access to Einstein data.
Ibarra se refiere al sector Valle Oriente, donde se han instalado importantes corporativos, oficinas bancarias, hoteles de lujo, hospitales privados, fraccionamientos de alto nivel, plazas comerciales, agencias de autos y los 2 edificios mas altos de la urbe: la Torre CNCI y la Torre Comercial America, conocidas como los "Colosos de Monterrey".
En 1997, la pionera Universidad CNCI de Monterrey ya entraba en la Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.
Grupo Todito is jointly owned by Universidad CNCI, S.
Guzman explico que el mayorista se reestructuro y como consecuencia se crearon dos areas de capacitacion: CNCI, dirigida hacia el individuo, y otra, enfocada totalmente a la PyME, en la cual pueden entrar los distribuidores.