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CNCRCharacterization of Neurospora Circadian Rhythms in Space
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Mexico: Quintana Roo, Tulum, Cenote Nohoch Nah Chich (20[degrees]17.92'N, 87[degrees]24.22'W), associated to surface vegetation; 1 female, CNCR 31997; 28/06/2015.
Three other coastal species from the Mexican Caribbean have been reported from cenotes: the halacarid mite Limnohalacarus cultellatus Viets, 1940 (Ojeda et al., 2016), the atyid shrimp Jonga serrei (Bouvier, 1909) (Alvarez et al., 2015), the hippolytid shrimp Barbouria cubensis (Von Martens, 1872) (Alvarez & Iliffe, 2008); and there are unpublished records of the palaemonid shrimp Macrobrachium acanthurus (Wiegman, 1836) from several cenotes (CNCR 26033, 26035, 26037, 26040, 26042, 26046).
The tissue samples used for sequencing for the following species were obtained from specimens deposited in the National Crustacean Collection (CNCR) of the Institute of Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico: Creaseria morleyi, Cryphiops luscus, C.
Hwang and her colleagues wrote (Cancer 2013 [doi:10.1002 / cncr.27795]).
"Clinicians and regulators must jointly seek a balanced approach to opioid use, acknowledging the legitimate medical needs for opioids in some patients with CNCR while concurrently recognizing the serious public health problem" of abuse, addiction, and diversion, the statement says.
1 issue of the journal Cancer and appeared online (Epub ahead of print: doi10.1002 / cncr.22075).
The results of their epidemiologic study, combined with studies suggesting that Hispanics don't practice skin self-exam or use sunscreen as often as recommended, mean that physicians should stress these prevention measures in Hispanic neighborhoods (Cancer 2006; doi 10.1002 / cncr.21654).