CNDDConseil National pour la Démocratie et le Développement (National Council for Democracy and Development; political party, Guinea)
CNDDConseil National pour la Defense de la Democratie (French: National Council for the Defense of Democracy; Burundi political party)
CNDDConseil National Du Développement Durable (French: National Council on Sustainable Development)
CNDDCommission Nationale du Developpement Durable (French: National Commission of Sustainable Development; Tunisia)
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However, the FDD and FNL armed factions of the CNDD and Palipehutu G-7 parties refused to accept the Arusha Accords, and the armed rebellion continued.
While the CNDD has made no attempts to look into the attacks on its own, the strong outcry from the global community seems to have given the regime pause in recent months.
Camara's CNDD sparked a political crisis when it took power in a military coup in December 2008.
Political parties: Multi-party system consisting of 21 registered political parties, of which CNDD (the National Council for the Defense of Democracy, Hutu), FRODEBU (the Front for Democracy in Burundi, predominantly Hutu with some Tutsi membership), and UPRONA (the National Unity and Progress Party, predominantly Tutsi with some Hutu membership) are national, mainstream parties.
Idrissa Cherif, Guinea's communications minister, said: "Power is in the hands of the CNDD [the ruling National Council for Democracy and Development] and the government.
Although outside of the country, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara remains the president of the CNDD and the self-proclaimed head of state while General Konate has assumed the title of interim President of the Republic.
The Company's stock is traded over-the-counter under the symbol CNDD.