CNDRCenter for Neurodegenerative Disease Research (University of Pennsylvania)
CNDRCorporate Network for Disaster Response (est. 1990; Philippines)
CNDRConductor (railroads)
CNDRConsiliul National al Dizabilitatii din Romania (Romanian)
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Todd Breault, VP Surface Treatment, said, 'The CNDR shot blasting machines are capable of cleaning a broader range of parts.
Kurt Brunden, director of Drug Discovery at CNDR and Bin Zhang, senior research investigator, are the first authors on this study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicineand the School of Arts and Sciences.
In 2005, the CNDR researchers showed that the anti-cancer drug paclitaxel could improve spinal cord nerve function in mice with tau tangles in their brains, after the drug was absorbed at nerve termini in muscle.
Las muestras fueron procesadas por el metodo ELISA de inhibicion para detectar anticuerpos anti-CHIKV, desarrollados por el CNDR (Balmaseda, comunicacion personal).
The CNDR, for example, with support from a number of large corporations and a few local government units, implements communitybased disaster risk management programs.
aThe National Commission for Rural Development rural (CNDR) held Saturday in Algiers a meeting devoted to the preparation of the performance contracts on the rural development over the period 2009-2014.
Sinto Surface Treatment, a new division of Roberts Sinto Corp., unveiled its CNDR Drum Blast, which has a unique agitation capability.
Max Bloch, San Salvador, El Salvador; Edwin Asturias, Universidad del Valle, Remei Gordillo, Hospital Roosevelt, Jorge Matheu, LNS-MSPAS, Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala; Rosana Castillo, Laboratorio Central, Filomena Palma, Hospital Escuela, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; Monica Guadalupe Viveros e Irma Hernandez, InDRE, Ciudad de Mexico, Gabriela Echaniz Aviles y Araceli Soto Nogueron, INSP, Cuernavaca, Mexico; Sergio Lopez y Armengol Ortiz, CNDR, Managua, Nicaragua; Markela de Quinzada y Raquel Barrios de Bolanos, ISCGES, Ciudad de Panama, Panama; Gustavo Chamorro Cortesi y Rossana Franco, Laboratorio Central de Salud Publica, Asuncion, Paraguay; Sara Morales de Santa Gadea y Susana Diaz Velasco, INS, Lima, Peru; Jacqueline Sanchez y Zacarias Garib, Hospital Infantil Dr.
Sinto Surface Treatment, a new division of Roberts Sinto Corp., Lansing, Mich., recently unveiled its CNDR Drum Blast, a cleaning machine that improves cleaning efficiency, reduces maintenance costs and enhances flexibility by allowing for the cleaning of smaller components without concerns of pinching or jamming in the mill.
The CNDR is offered in four different models, accommodating castings up to 90 lbs.
The CNDR differs from conventional tumble blast machines in that it has a unique agitation capability.