CNECCommission Nationale d'Equipement Commercial (France)
CNECChristian Nationals' Evangelism Commission
CNECCentro Nazionale Economi di Comunità (National Center of Community Accountants)
CNECCentral New England Council (IEEE Communications Society)
CNECCentre National Entrainement Commando (French: National Commando Training Center)
CNECCommander Naval European Command
CNECCentre National d'Enseignement par Correspondance (French: National Center for Correspondence Courses)
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Mattar drew widespread praise for the school's apparent success and his self-described "grand vision" for CNEC.
He wasn't deterred, though, and opened a branch of CNEC in Westboro, expanded the curriculum, and oversaw what T&G columnist Albert B.
One of the important objectives of CNEC under the aegis of CCRT is to increase awareness about the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the North East," said Selja.
Amyris and Sao Martinho have engaged CNEC WorleyParsons as the construction manager for the project and have secured the construction permit issued by the environmental agency of the state of Sao Paulo.
Electro International '94 is sponsored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Region One, METSAC and CNEC, and the New England and New York Electronic Representatives Association (ERA).
CARDIGAN: Theatr Mwldan (01239 621200), Clecs, Cnecs A Camocs Ceibwr: Cwmni Drama Mochyn Du.