CNEPContinuous Negative Extrathoracic Pressure (treatment)
CNEPCommunity-Based Nurse-Midwifery Education Program (Hyden, KY)
CNEPComptoir National d'Escompte de Paris (French)
CNEPContinuous Negative External Pressure (intensive care)
CNEPChambre Syndicale des Négociants et Expert En Philatélie (French: Union Chamber of Traders and Experts in Philately)
CNEPCable Network Engineering Program
CNEPCenter for Neural Engineering and Prostheses (University of California, Berkeley and University of California, San Francisco)
CNEPCentral New England Properties (New Hampshire)
CNEPComparative National Elections Project (est. 1990)
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Given that such the CNEP is expected to detail Cyprus energy plans and include binding climate target commitments, it will have serious implications for Cyprus' future energy developments, prices and economy.
After the Firm submits the first iteration of edited work, the CNEP and other Cherokee Nation staff will review the submitted work and make suggestions.
Sin embargo, despues de las elecciones si se establece una comparacion entre la ENCUP 200i y la CNEP 2006 se puede observar que la preferencia por la democracia se mantenia en niveles por encima del 60%, la ambivalencia entre un gobierno autoritario y uno democratico habia disminuido en casi i8 puntos porcentuales mientras que la preferencia por un gobierno autoritario en algunas circunstancias habria aumentado en poco mas de 13 puntos porcentuales.
Approved the appointment of the following members to WNA's CNEP Committee: Rita Kisting Sparks (District #10), Teresa Pratke (District #4), Cathy Andrews (District #3), Julie Johnson (District #6) and Mara Eisch-Schweitzer (District #3).
CNEP [Caisse Nationale d'epargne et de prevoyance] remains the dominant lending institution in housing finance.
Their two baby daughters, Stacey and Sofie, were placed into CNEP tanks at North Staffordshire Hospital in February and December of 1992.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the CNEP.
No existe un consenso acerca de la terminologia empleada en las CNEP y varias nomenclaturas se han utilizado (crisis no epilepticas, crisis psicogenas, ataques histericos, histeroepilepsia, crisis seudoepilepticas o seudocrisis).
However, a number of inquiries and investigations have taken place since concerns were raised about the CNEP study.
Although the CNEP data provide only one comparable single-item measure of the extent of exposure to disagreement through media and interpersonal channels, they allow us to replicate and extend our initial findings using data that capture both perceptions of information sources' views (those of up to five discussants, plus newspapers and television) and independent assessments of the extent of political disagreement, which were made possible by a "snowball" sample of respondents' discussants, plus a content analysis of respondents' newspapers.
The reports go on for hundreds of pages detailing the daily recordings, including graphs, of the 121 babies in the CNEP trials.
Instead of forcing air into the baby's lungs, the CNEP machine provides a negative pressure around the infant's body to help breathing.