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CNESCentre National d'Etudes Spatiales (French Space Agency)
CNESComhairle Nan Eilean Siar (Gaelic; Scottish regional government council; UK)
CNESChambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés en Objets d'Art et de Collection (French: National Chamber of Experts Specializing in Decorative Art and Collectibles)
CNESCenter for Near Eastern Studies (University of California, Los Angeles; Los Angeles, CA)
CNESCitizens' Network on Essential Services
CNESCroatian National Educational Standard (Croatia)
CNESCorus Northern Engineering Services (UK)
CNESComprehensive National Energy Strategy (US Department of Energy)
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Because of its expertise in the use of space techniques to respond to societal issues, particularly in the areas of environmental management, climate change, risk prevention and crisis management, but also CNES is assisting the DGS in the follow-up of this research and development study by providing its expertise in the field of tele-epidemiology.
While the UAE has decades of experience in managing satellites and other space activities, our strategic partnership with CNES will be a key opportunity for both agencies to work together on scientific missions, mutual cooperation and public outreach activities.
Ian Taylor, business development engineer, plant condition monitoring at CNES, comments: "By using our extensive knowledge and experience of condition monitoring tools and techniques, our engineers were able to detect the fault on the bearing before it failed.
Keith Shillam CNES acting director, said: "With CNES and CPE now working together, we expect to deliver even greater benefits to both our Corus manufacturing customer base and our external clients.
CNES is the largest single supporter of the 13-member European Space Agency (ESA), which oversees Europe's space research and commercial launch programs.
Those instruments, which were used in the Oersted mission launched in 1999 and the CHAMP mission launched in 2000, also were developed by Leti in partnership with CNES.
Chris Young, CNES business manager commercial, said: "The project is an excellent example of CNES adding significant further value to the steel supplied by its sister business unit, Corus' Scunthorpe Cast Products.
As well as the full production run of 37 lifts, 407 modules and 13 machine/pulley rooms, part of the work has involved CNES building a training tower in its workshops with two lifts in a modular framework.
However, CNES can still design systems to enhance these units, resulting in further efficiency gains.
The SPOT (Satellite Pour l'Observation de la Terre) Earth observation satellite system was designed by CNES, in cooperation with Belgium and Sweden, to provide geographic information about regions of interest anywhere on earth.
The main aspects of management are: - determination of the schedule of fees according to the legislation in force in each country, - taking into account the impact of new legal provisions, - presentation to CNES of the deadlines in a format that allows it to make an effective decision with regard to the payment of these taxes, - monthly billing of taxes to facilitate tracking of payments to CNES, - effective payment of taxes in the best conditions of security and economy, either directly to the offices or through its network of correspondents, - verification of the completion of the payment of each tax, - report to CNES on the proper execution of these tasks with supporting documents, - providing various information on the state of the CNES portfolio.
Increasingly, CNES are being asked to provide these services at the customer's site, especially on machinery removals and plant condition monitoring.